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  1. Or leave them in their bags and just buy a plastic bin to keep them in Wally world for maybe $5
  2. Picked up some human tackle to help me beat the heat while I beat up bass
  3. North Star custom baits makes a great swim jig
  4. I've been using my Thrunite TH10 and love it. It uses a one button operation to keep one had free, has moonlight mode to help preserve night vision. Since it is a powerful light (750 lumens on turbo) it uses a specialty battery an 18650 but you can get those through Amazon.
  5. Cranks never stop here, Ive caught them in 38* mornings last year. Top water I don't do much of it just felt right to throw one and that hefty girl was right there to grab it. I don't know how you guys do it up north but fishing year round is great for my blood pressure lol.
  6. My first whopper plopper fish and man the explosion was awesome Rapala DT flat North Star baits with a Rage craw
  7. Rapala DT's plus some worms Finally had a chance to take my North Star baits out for some fun
  8. Most of my success has come from the Rapala DT in Helsinki color so that what I use, buy, and through. I have had limited success with Storms Arashi series and my try other brands but if it not broke don't fix it.
  9. A Christmas gift I got myself finally arrived, a real leather wallet that will last. Pig skin lining
  10. My PB came in last year in Dec. in 45* morning using a chatterbait (Zman elite) using a BizzBait Crafty kraw. Pond
  11. I just picked up a pair a few days ago and I really like the fit and finish. Look sunglasses are like leather wallets, a $20 wallet will hold your cash and cards just as well as a $90 wallet. Difference is you replace the cheaper one often (they start to fall apart) or you pay more up front and have a wallet that will out live you (Saddle back leather wallets, ect). Also they sell lanyards to avoid sunglasses for going over board, cheap insurance.
  12. Here's what I learned At 5am in 39* weather your testicles migrate to your throat to stay warm, burrrrrrr Zero bites the entire morning, I threw everything that normally works. Sized up, sized down, went slow, went fast, then finally after 6 hours with no bites this morning I went home.
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