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    My name is John. I've been fishing all my life, and making my own lures for 10 years or so. My main target species are walleye, bass, crappie, and perch. 

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  1. Something I've been working on lately are these sinking swim baits. This one is 7" and has a slow sink. Looking forward to testing it out.
  2. Thank you! It's one of my favorites too.
  3. Another cedar wakebait.
  4. A couple new cedar wakebaits and a squarebill crank.
  5. Here is a rainbow trout bait I made recently.
  6. Thank you Crypt! Much appreciated! Still grinding away at it making a variety of baits here and there when time allows.
  7. Here is one of several wakebaits I've been working on recently. Made from red cedar and painted in a gill pattern.
  8. Thanks a lot and Keep at it!
  9. A couple of jointed baits I recently made from red cedar.
  10. It looks interesting, and there's only one way to find out.? Either way, you're bound to learn from it. Just try to make sure that the weight is dead center, as well as the line tie and hook hangers. It's fun to tweak your own designs into a functional bait, but it can take time. I'm always sketching and designing new stuff I haven't made before. Some of them never get off the launching pad, and others do well enough on the first attempt to keep playing with. Here is one of my sketches that I'm working on now. It's a 3 piece jointed Muskie with fins and tail. It will be interesting to see how the prototype swims and getting the weighting figured out. All I know is that the finished product looks really cool in my head which is a great way to start.
  11. Thank you Chris! Much appreciated. Thank you! That tiger muskie bait ended up looking like a smallmouth hybrid. Mostly due to the profile I guess. Calling it a Smuskie. ? Here's a few more pics.
  12. Still making my wood crankbaits when time allows. Really like seeing everyone's work! Most of my recent ones are built for Muskie, although I know guys that throw the big baits for bass also. Here are some of my latest red cedar offerings to the fishing Gods. ?
  13. Another one of my 10" cedar baits. This time painted in a smallmouth pattern.
  14. Thank you! I appreciate it! Thanks Detroit! Working on a few more now plus a 14" that would fill up more wall space. ☺️
  15. Some of my latest work in red cedar. I've been building some larger ones for Muskie lately, but will get back to more bass and walleye baits soon. Here is a 3" diver done in hot fluorescents and pearl paints, and a 10" Muskie bait painted in a Saugeye pattern.
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