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  1. I coil my transducer cable up and secure the loop with a couple of zip ties. Then I use carabiner to quickly secure the loop to a plastic pad eye behind my FF screen on my kayak, so it doesn't flop around. I'd shorten it, because I'm pretty good at soldering so I bet I could pull it off, but I'm afraid that going from 25 feet to maybe 2-3 feet would mess with the impedance too much. Also, instead of using shrink wrap and electrical tape on a boat, I prefer to use liquid electrical tape. A couple of thick layers of that stuff keeps connections water tight and seems to last longer than the other two options.
  2. My wife fished a bit before she met me, but doesn't really enjoy it. I don't even invite her along anymore. And that's fine. As with any casual angler, the key is to go at their own pace. Don't try to fish your normal way and get super involved. Just let them set their own level of involvement and have fun. You can't make someone enjoy something, but you can set up the circumstances so that they have the option to enjoy it. From there, it's up to them.
  3. I fish just about every day. Though, M-F, that's about 20-30 minutes during my lunch break. I don't really have time to fish before or after work. On the weekends, I try to get out once for around 6-8 hours. And I'll do that pretty much year-round. Sometimes I get busy with other projects or the weather won't cooperate, so I miss a lot of weekends, especially in the spring when the wind kicks up too high. I probably average around 40 long days a year.
  4. I fish them in different places, so it's not entirely fair to compare. I use jigs for wood and pitching to shallow cover. I use Carolina rigs for fishing off muddy banks and deeper structure. And I use Texas rigs for fishing vegetation. Ultimately, the T-rig produces the most fish, followed by jigs. So I fish a T-rig more often. Also because there isn't much else that will come cleanly through grass.
  5. Flex Seal? I have no idea how long that stuff would last in an application like that. But they do advertise that it's made just for this type of thing. Still, I'd want to do it right with the minimum being a good, waterproof epoxy. A marine silicone glue might work too if it's a very small leak. But I'd locate the leak and go that route.
  6. They say El Nino is coming this summer. So whatever weather patterns we're seeing this year won't likely be repeated next. Whether it's for the worse or better probably depends on where you live. We had been in a La Nina since September of 2020. 2023 has mostly been neutral as we make the transition from La Nina to El Nino. But the upcoming El Nino has a lot of people worried that it could be one of the worst on record, as we recently recorded the highest ever average temperatures in the Pacific. In my region, it means worse. Hotter summers. More storms and more violent storms. More wind. Colder winters. On the plus side, less boaters. And El Nino's don't last as long as La Nina's. Usually just a year, versus 1-3 years for La Nina.
  7. I can't say that I've ever really noticed water level effecting the fish that much. Then again, I'm not a great angler. Sure, when the water level rises, the fish will push up into new areas that weren't accessible before. And when it falls, they'll pull back into new areas that weren't as accommodating before. And the water level can completely change the layout of the lake and how it fishes, as seen from above the surface. But I try to view the lake from the eye's of the fish, and not think about it in terms of surface features. So while water level changes can definitely change where the fish will be located from our perspective, I don't feel as though it has as large of an effect on their actual behavior. Then again, what do I know?
  8. I can sympathize. This is most years for me. Well, not the cold, so much. But usually from February until June, I can't get out on the water due to the wind. There will be a couple of decent days, here and there. But getting one to fall on a weekend when I don't have to be at work is pretty rare. I typically get out about 2-3 times during that span. This year's been better than most for me. I've probably been out six times this spring. Last year wasn't too bad, maybe four. But the year before that was pretty bad. And in 2020, I couldn't safely get out on the water from Christmas until May 20th.
  9. This is good advice. Because in your case, it's not just the weight you have to consider, but your height. The taller you are, the higher your center of gravity, and the more you'll have to curl up your legs and the less comfortable the seat will be. Shorter people can stretch out their legs without standing and stand up and sit down easier while on the water. They don't have to lean over as far to keep balanced. So it's not just an issue of, can you technically do it, but an issue of, can you fish as long as you want without it being so uncomfortable that you hate using it.
  10. Yeah, anything that rubs against anything else won't hold paint long. And anytime you scratch it against something, the white paint will show through. I probably wouldn't worry about it. But if you're insistent, then just be prepared for scratches and wear marks. As noted, the plastic is impregnated with the color when molded, so while a plastic paint will stick to it, it won't be nearly as durable. As for the stickers, get some naphtha and soak them in that. It should release the adhesive and allow them to come off. Just peel carefully, and allow time for the naphtha to soak in and work its way under the sticker. You might need to reapply some adhesive to get them to go back on. Maybe try a waterproof, permanent bond spray glue? Something like 3M Hi-Strength 90? Or better yet, just see if you can buy new stickers.
  11. My only rule on hooks is no Eagle Claw. They tend to rust too easily for me. Plus they need to be sharpened early and often. The Trokars are supposed to be better, but that brand has soured me, so I won't even give them a try. I'm not even picky on hook sizes. 1. and 2. EWG around size 1/0. 3. Zman Pro Shroomz with the weed guard. 4. some kind of drop shot hook/octopus hook around size 1.
  12. For me, it's definitely the wind. Especially during the spawning season, there's often too much wind on the days I have off to get out and safely fish. Second would be loading and unloading my kayak. That takes a long time, both at the lake and at home, and wears me out. Lots of other things will annoy me, like wake boarders in the cove, party boats with their loud music, bass boats that think they own the water and try to push me off or beat me to spots, angry strangers that want to confront you over stupid things, and of course, gear failures on the water. But I can take all of that in stride. Freezing temps and 100° days aren't much fun either, but I know how to handle them. Even the crowds can have a positive side. Sometimes you'll see someone fishing a spot you never thought of, or you'll have to get creative on an old lake to find new spots. It keeps you learning.
  13. Sunscreen is tricky. SPF is more marketing than science. The SPF number is calculated against UVB rays, which are more likely to cause sunburn and tanning. What SPF doesn't address is UVA rays, which are the ones more likely to cause skin cancer. And sometimes a sunscreen with a higher SPF will have a higher protection against UVB, but a lower protection against UVA. So you want to look for something with "broad spectrum protection". There's also the concern of dangerous chemicals in sunscreen, like oxybenzone and octinoxate. Oxybenzone and octinoxate are hormone disruptors which are not only potentially bad for you, but also bad for the fish if the sunscreen dissolves into the lake. Sunscreen containing these chemicals are banned in many places with sensitive coral reefs like Hawaii and the Bonaire in the Caribbean because they're known to contribute to coral bleaching. Studies suggest they also contribute to sexual dysfunction and birth defects. While none of this has been proven in humans yet, it also hasn't been extensively studied. So we don't know the whole story right now. And safer alternatives are available if you don't like the gamble. I buy Sun Bum Mineral SPF 30 lotion. Why? Beyond the fact that it's reef safe and broad spectrum, I have no idea. I guess I bought it once and didn't hate it enough to switch. I like the SPF 30 because it isn't as thick and works well enough. I tend to sweat a lot in the summer, so it's more important that I reapply it often than I use a higher SPF and try to make it all day on one application.
  14. Good advice. I have a "holiday lake" that I go to on Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, Labor Day weekend, stuff like that. It's a terrible fishing lake, but it's also not very crowded (probably because it's a terrible fishing lake and you can't waterski except in a small part right next to the dam). And when everyone hits the good lakes all at once and is drinking and talking to their friends, it's just too dangerous to get out on the crowded lakes in a kayak. There's a good "fishing lake" that is better than my normal lakes (though a good bit of a drive) that I'll avoid on the best weather days. Not so much because it's dangerous. It's crowded enough with anglers that you can't really get up to speed even if you wanted to. But I just don't find it fun. That lake has an unwritten rule when it's crowded. Everyone is supposed to start at one end and run around the lake counterclockwise, trolling about 15-20 feet from the bank. If you move too slowly, they get mad at you. If you drop anchor, they get mad at you. If you try to pass someone, they get mad at you. You can drop anchor offshore and fish; they'll let you do that. Otherwise, it's like a fishing carousel that runs about 3mph.
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