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  1. Procyon, meant to have that. Thanks for pointing out.
  2. Looking to get my dad a setup to replace his old rod. He’s pretty simple and enjoys just throwing a zoom finesse worm t rig or a wacky or weightless senko/dinger. Looking at the Daiwa Procyon 7’ M 1/4-3/4oz rod. Would this be enough to set the hook on a weightless dinger with a 4/0 hook? Will be using braid. just no experience with this rod and don’t want to overestimate the abilities.
  3. Weightless weedless as in Texas rigged?
  4. @Delaware Valley Tackle resurrecting this, you helped me out last time and I bought another one and having the same issue but can’t remember what the fix was from the phone call. I remember it was a spindle or something I think you called it? Similar sounding word maybe?
  5. That’s my biggest worry about them, and there’s only 5 in a pack so I imagine you could go through them relatively quick. You’re speaking my language though with Zman, big fan and have a ton of their stuff. I’ll have to check those out, was hoping they’d be a little bigger but worth a bag or two to try. Also like the idea of on a jig head…the mega Ned?
  6. How many of y’all throw them? Y’all wacky rigging or Texas rig? Recommendations on hooks/size for them? trying to add something new this year
  7. For what it’s worth, I didn’t even catch that the 20% on TW was in reality only 15%. I checked and sure enough somehow missed that. Under 6 minutes on the phone with them and had it fixed and a new order summary emailed to me - just in case anyone else experiences this too
  8. Anybody seen anything on the Black Friday deals from TW yet?
  9. I’ve been throwing big baits all year and have really enjoyed it. My average size has certainly gone up, but overall catches is lower. That’s completely fine by me though, I’d rather catch *** or 4 lb bass on a glide or wake bait than filter through more smaller sized bass. Obviously you can catch a big bass on a senko or jig but I just find the big baits more exciting to fish.
  10. I totally get the logic and I’m sure it is effective! I don’t throw chatterbaits much at all, actually probably less than 30 minutes fishing one but those times I did they were like magnets to wood! Are you throwing something like the weedless one zman makes? I will say, you’ve got me thinking…there’s a place by me that has good fish but they’re almost always in the stump and standing timber in shallow water. I bet a chatterbait is something they don’t see as much due to the snaggy nature - atleast in my mind
  11. A chatterbait in wood?! Sounds like an expensive day for me atleast lol
  12. Down size or maybe try a silent walking bait. Megabass diamante has a silent version that I’ve had good success with
  13. You’re right, but would you have seen it and the point about delayed mortality (thank you @gimruis) if I hadn’t? Maybe or maybe not. It is completely possible you are absolutely right - but for a spot that you fish so much wouldn’t you want to ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to take care of the fish? Think of it as constructive criticism. I didn’t bash you for it, actually quite the opposite. You’re right again though, everyone makes choices…like choosing to take offense over a polite post such as that 😁 best of luck to you out there and stay safe!
  14. Im only quoting you on this because it’s the next one I saw after my first post but this is not directed just at you - just a general comment. Here’s the thing…you (anybody in this case) would not know if you did kill that bass. If you cause damage to its jaw, it’s not going to just die in your hand. It will swim off as it should (provided normal/decent care was taken) only to have the possibility of dying later because it can’t eat, for example. You may be surprised how many people have released fish that swam off fine, only to die later from stress or handling-induced damage. Again, not directed solely at you - just pointing out the flaw with that statement.
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