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  1. There we go, that should do it! Thanks for the info
  2. Tried that, nothing larger than a 5/0
  3. Resurrecting an old thread…anyone know of any off the shelf 5/0-7/0 swing heads? Thinking it’d be a great option for large worms in deep water this summer but can’t think of any. Gamakatsu has a individual tungsten swing head in various weights to use with hook of your choosing but they’re $10 a pop. Hoping there’s something a little more cost effective out there.
  4. Take the braid off and use some mono to start the spool. It’ll grip and prevent the slipping you’re seeing.
  5. Baitsanity is a great bait that gets bit and sounds like it may be more versatile for you
  6. Tie them on and try them out. You’ll learn how each bait likes to be worked
  7. Clear water for me means small, natural, and fast. the Megabass SV3 in Hasu, particularly
  8. Looking at the crank launcher and think I will get it, but sounds like it’ll be worth waiting for hopefully.
  9. Does anyone know if tackle warehouse Black Friday sale has a discount on irods? Looking at a new rod and being this close, hate to pull the trigger if they normally are on sale.
  10. What brands do y’all like for a single Colorado? I just did a search on TW for single blade spinner baits and they all seem to be black baits with black or gold blades, or a tandem blade setup. just buy a tandem Colorado and use snips to cut the front blade off?
  11. Berkley gonna do what Berkley gonna do!
  12. Procyon, meant to have that. Thanks for pointing out.
  13. Looking to get my dad a setup to replace his old rod. He’s pretty simple and enjoys just throwing a zoom finesse worm t rig or a wacky or weightless senko/dinger. Looking at the Daiwa Procyon 7’ M 1/4-3/4oz rod. Would this be enough to set the hook on a weightless dinger with a 4/0 hook? Will be using braid. just no experience with this rod and don’t want to overestimate the abilities.
  14. Weightless weedless as in Texas rigged?
  15. @Delaware Valley Tackle resurrecting this, you helped me out last time and I bought another one and having the same issue but can’t remember what the fix was from the phone call. I remember it was a spindle or something I think you called it? Similar sounding word maybe?
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