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  1. Well I grabbed a few more smaller things and some braid for my bfs reel if I decide to go with it in the future. 4 countdown elite 55 3/16oz 3 countdown 3 1/16 3 1/8oz rattle traps 3 yo zuri shad 40f 1/16oz that have really nice colors 1 duo rozante 63sp 5 grams 2 duo rozante 77sp 8.4 grams 2 rapala x rap 4 1/16oz 2 size 4 ice fishing jig heads 1 size 5 ice fishing jig head 1 spool 8lb j braid grand 8 dark green colors of lures mostly black and gold, silver and black, silver and blue. The three staples for the most part. Jerk bait colors for the duo 63 neo pearl, duo 77 prism gill, gold yamame, x rap 4 colors glass ghost, hot mustard muddler. The ice fishing jig heads are for some euro tackle 0.75, 0.50 soft plastics that I bought. I will say that it’s really hard to find a jig head with a small hook and weighs 1/32oz or more lol. The total weight is between 1-1.5 grams on the plastics and ice fishing jig heads
  2. I got bit by the BFS bug lol, mostly loading up on plastics and a few odds and ends. 1 Kistler hunt 3x 6’8 1/16-3/8 1 Kistler hunt 4X 6’6 1/64-1/5 1 NRX+ 895c JWR 1 aderbaran BFS rod socks some mono various plastics and jig heads
  3. I will definitely look into those lures, thanks for the suggestions on those. Yeah I have always wondered about the 895 and wanted to try one, I had the money and figured why not lol. I can’t really say that I didn’t feel like I wasn’t in control when I had my 894c JWR, although I never caught anything really big on it largest was 3.5lbs with a swim jig in heavy weeds. I am starting off with really thin light gauge jig head hooks with soft plastics, I wouldn’t think that it should be too much of an issue to get penetration. Although if it is I will figure out the best way to offset it and go from there. I am trying fluorocarbon first and that will let me know, braid helps add a little bit more positive hook sets due to it having almost no stretch. The best interest of the fish is definitely the first and foremost concern of mine, if I feel like I am over exerting the fish I will definitely go heavier gear. But I want to form an opinion and experience that only comes from first hand experience dealing with the rods and tackle. You have way more knowledge and experience than me and I respect that and appreciate your opinion and input on the whole BFS thing thank you.
  4. That’s definitely a nice fish. I am pretty sure that I will like it, I haven’t casted it yet but I got the reel spooled up with 4Lb sniper today. My other two rods should be here tomorrow. The other kistler hunt 6’6 x4 and my NRX+ 895c jwr, I have no clue when the dobyns will show up. I got my dobyns directly from dobyns and they have not sent me a shipping confirmation yet, although I have heard that happens sometimes with them. I am definitely going to enjoy my new setups for sure. Thanks again for the recommendations of rods I really appreciate it.From my experience they seem like they will work good for sure, the x3 and alderbarren balances nicely so that is a plus. I definitely agree that it seems like a true BFS rod, now I just need to catch some fish on it.
  5. Per @FishTank recommendation here is one of the 3 rods that I ordered, the other 2 haven’t arrived yet. The other 2 are the sierra ultra finesse 701, Kistler hunt 6’6 4X rod.
  6. I have owned 2 and still have one of them. I had the workhorse and used it for a little bit of everything and it was really good at it all. Normal st croix sensitivity that is precise and clean, that is one thing that I will say about st croix rods is that there on point sensitivity wise and have good components, warranty and are extremely tough and durable. The only one that I have now is the jerk bait model and I have not had any catches on it so far, although I bought it in the middle of winter. But I have took it out and casted it and it’s spot on for what I wanted, at the price point it’s a good value.
  7. Yes I would assume it only applies to in store purchases unfortunately sorry about that. I was talking to one of the salesman and he let me know, he didn’t say anything about online. Believe me at this price I was tempted but I had my eyes set on a heavy cover setup. I was looking for a NRX+ 895 JWR. I have always wanted to try one since I owned a glx 894 and just wanted a little bit more power.
  8. Thanks for the input on the rod, I appreciate it. I bought some 4Lb fluorocarbon when I got the reel, sniper of course. I figured it’s a good middle of the road test, I used 7lb braid in the past but the wind made me hate it. Your line would get blown into trees and was a reel headache unfortunately. I had even used 15lb braid in the past but felt like it defeated the whole purpose, using skill and knowledge is the name of the game for BFS fishing.
  9. Thanks for the input on the rod, how’s it due with lower, upper end weights of the rating ? Thanks for the recommendation and input, yeah I am looking to get below the 1/16 range even some. I know that it kind of eliminates some things but I want to go lighter this time around. I have a couple decent spinning setups that I want to compare it to. I love baitcasters though and bfs so down the rabbit hole I went.
  10. From a local shop, they said yes there going to release a new one. D&R sports center in Kalamazoo. 40% off all glx rods.
  11. That one is definitely on my radar, along with the hunt. BFS bait monkey is running off with my wallet lol.
  12. Thanks for clarifying that, I couldn’t really remember. I am sure that I will like the reel, I was going to get a stout rod and ended up going bfs. I love finesse fishing though so that explains it. Very true about the net part, gotta treat the rods with care for sure. This will be my first actual bfs rod, I was using an abu Garcia xenon ML for my last setup with my curado bfs. Although I wanted to step my game up lol, I will check those rods out. Thank you for the recommendations, I appreciate it. I couldn’t resist the alderbarren bfs when I saw it.
  13. Ok, will do. Thank you for the advice and another option.
  14. I just got a alderbarren bfs and need some rod recommendations, I like the sierra ultra finesse but can’t remember what ones have the solid tip. I want to stay around 7 foot on length and the weight range will be 1/16-1/4, line2-8lb test and mostly use jig heads and plastics and other finesse presentations. price range is very open, thanks again.
  15. I got out for a hour today and caught 5-6 fish, probably lost as many as I caught. I don’t really like the rod that I was using and the crank bait made it tricky to get a solid hookup due to its size. But I managed to land one of the biggest crappies that I have caught at this spot so far, so that’s a win in my book. They were not chasing it and striking it, had to work it like a jerk bait or jig it. Wait to see the flash and feel the weight and then play them some to get the hooks in. I made it work and enjoyed it, always more than one way to work a crank bait you just have to think outside of the box sometimes lol.
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