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  1. Yes enough power for that size hook and up to a 3/0 . I use to throw stick baits on mine of the 5” variety and 4” occasionally. It’s a very deceiving powerful little rod.
  2. I had the zodias 7’2” ml xf bfs casting rod, I used it quite a bit it was a decent rod. More finesse stuff not too light but handled the upper end of the weight range ok, was plenty sensitive. I ran into problems with fish coming undone on different presentations. Single hook presentations was fine and good, mostly treble hooks were the issues most of the time.
  3. I used to have the champion 736 and it would bomb cast a frog and handled a 3/4 oz tungsten and a half ounce plastic and would launch it also. It’s a great powerful rod with a nice tip that does well with walking a frog. I would assume that the 746 would be the same just a inch longer.
  4. I will say yes to braid on baitcasters. Go as small of a diameter as you can and enjoy the distance gains. I really love J-Braid grand 8 strand it works great with no issues, 8lb on spinning gear no problem. 30-50 on casting is great.
  5. You know it, maybe that’s why I like crawling and hopping around on the 100-500 ton presses at work. Maybe I am a monkey lol, I didn’t even throw the lures that I bought yesterday. Planned on it but like normal, bring a lot use a little bit of stuff. Of course it doesn’t help that one of the most productive areas of the lake is a weed line to a break. Weightless senko for the win. Hard to fish but it works great, 10 fish per senko is not too bad.
  6. Chucking and winding is a simple thing. Cast retrieve and repeat. The simple task is overly complicated with all of the variables that you can introduce to your retrieve method. Stop and go, crank pause jerk. Yo yo along with burn it with a few pauses and twitches here and there. Biggest thing is that you don’t want your bait to have a pattern, break it up and find the retrieve that works and repeat to be successful.
  7. Great job @ol'crickety looks like you had a great day on the water. I really admire your dedication to learn and your persistence to keep going. I love reading your fishing reports, keep up the good work and enjoy your beautiful bogs and ponds and thank you for sharing your adventures with us all.
  8. You know it, the more that I collect the more picky I get about what exactly that I want. I am already overwhelmed with rods again. Heck one of my friends from work who is just getting into fishing has gotten some great deals from me. Like a kage spinning rod and a ballistic reel for $100 and I loaded him a 3700 tray with high end top waters, crank baits, frogs and buzz baits and jigs even chatter baits along with various plastics all for $80. I like helping people get into the sport and having good gear. Maybe 2 hours if you are lucky lol.
  9. I caught my first Chad shad fish, just a tiny little guy but better than my first fish on a mag draft. I caught 10+on a weightless stick bait after I was done throwing the glide. I had plenty of followers but no takers but it is all part of throwing big baits, I see my swim bait collection growing soon. A wake gill and a deps 160 bull shooter and a few more on the way maybe a real Chad shad. The tequila baccarat feels really good with the spro Chad shad and I like my casting distance with my tatula 200 and 50lb braid.
  10. You got it right there lol, you never know what is going to be on our shores.
  11. Exactly why I chose them, I am an odd man of opposites. I do the reverse of normal and it works for me. Gin clear water I throw black and blue baits. And catch 4+ lb fish so if it works for me I keep doing it. Maybe I get lucky with fish that are too eager, but that is not the case for this lake. I caught my pb on a green pumpkin jig out of this exact lake. So it must not be a fluke, although I fish a very stained water pond that they will only eat natural colors for the most part. It’s only normal if you agree with it, throw caution to the wind and go for it and let me know the results. Every body of water is different but hey it works for me, I have pulled a 4+ lb bass out of that pond using black and blue colors. A local Ollie’s haul after my work friends saying that we might go to a frog 🐸 lake lol. I might be wrong but I am going with two colors of frogs and a reel my new to fishing friend can blow up plus a backup just to be sure lol.
  12. Well I finally got my reel for my tequila baccarat rod. I went with a tatula 200 for $140 otd and 50lb j braid along with a rod sock. Not too bad of a deal. I may have to invest in a leader in the future but for now I am good.
  13. A couple of new spinner baits lol, I got a box full of them but not this blade combo. So I had to get them. Both a 1/2 oz, I have heard good things about them on here.
  14. Thank you, sounds about like what I figured the upper range would be. Yeah I plan on using 20lb mono and I know that mono tends to run a little bit thicker. I know that I am not going to be bombing cast due to the stretch at distance and the thicker gauge trebles on most small to mid size glides and swim baits.
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