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  1. Great suggestion! I have generally abandoned stuff if it doesnt work and that could be why I dont catch as much on lipless, spinnerbait, jigs. So fall is generally for moving baits and the senko/ned rig/worm bites die down completely. Is that true? Living in new england, if I can learn to catch on those baits I will be so much more happier. As this would mean my fishing season extends by a few months. I envy people in the south! Bigger fish, longer fishing season.
  2. I am not I am really a one trick pony it seems and can only catch in summer, and on worms. This year for the first time I started fishing ned rig and have fished more on it than senkos. Fall for me just means...disappointment. And end of my fishing season.
  3. I am looking forward to it as well! I went in couple of times and the bass didnt seem committed. I was using senko and ned rig. Fish pull at it but lightly. Lot of bluegills however, but I'd like bass please!
  4. Aah gotcha! Yes that makes sense to me in that case.
  5. What is the difference Thank you! I will send them a note.
  6. Howdy! We are thinking of getting a fishing charter mainly targeting small mouth. Heard that Lake Erie is known for really good SMB. Most of the charters online seem to be steelheads trouts and walleyes. Does anyone have recommendation for small mouth fishing charters? Last year based on recommendations here we did SMB fishing in Maine, on small 3 person boat. It was a blast! We also did a salmon charter for land locked salmon in NH (not fun, mainly trolled and we caught one fish). We prefer the "cast and catch fish" not trolling boats that basically have you do nothing until fish is caught. Not sure if its due to larger body water that most offer trolling options? It would be me and my 12 year old on this charter. Have been fishing for a few years but compared to most folks here we are novices We are looking in June if it helps. We are from Boston area and depending on the charter would fly or drive there.
  7. Thank you very much! This is all very helpful! Its a beautiful state and I had the best day of fishing last year and would like to explore it more on my own! I am going to check out all those spots you mentioned.
  8. You guys give me the motivation to go out and try my luck! I have always had very good outings generally June onwards but colder months, it seems I do something wrong ? In summer I am throwing senko 90% of the time, maybe that has something to do with it.
  9. Thanks for sending this, I was hoping for a body of water where power boats are not allowed. Not too comfortable with boat myself, never driven one before. I am good with either. I will be coming in from Boston so day trip if its south, and 2-3 day fishing trip if its further up.
  10. Looking to fish on my hobie kayak. I would prefer bodies of water with no power boats allowed. I did penobscot river on a charter last year and caught a ton (but smaller) SM. I am hoping to get something bigger. Not looking for your favorite spots, just lakes/rivers where I can fish on my kayak! Thanks very much!
  11. That was a while ago then They have built a lot of nice condos there now and those old building are demolished completely. Its funny my kid says now that they have all these people living so close chauncy won't be our secret anymore. It doesnt see as many anglers as whitehall for sure.
  12. I fish in Chauncy in summer. The lake does not have too much cover and always feels its windy. Never fished so late though, as I end up not catching anything. I am glad you had some luck!
  13. Sorry I meant I stop fishing as fish don’t bite in September, maybe towards the end of it. I stay for the most part shallow and havent used fish finder in the past. Maybe that is it, I am targeting wrong depth.
  14. what do you guys throw in fall? I get frustrated when it’s cold as I can’t catch anything and give up. Usually happens in September. It’s quite sad because I don’t get to fish again till may next year.
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