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  1. Honestly I'm both ready for it but also dreading it. We've had peeks of it this week but I think it's gonna be a real hot summer. At the very least the early heat indices are going to be high given how saturated everything is
  2. The pier I usually fish is underwater and barricaded by tpwd All the local lakes are so full I can barely get to my favorite spots
  3. Beating the Vegas Loopholes was an excellent experience. I would love to see them wrap up this Colorado series in five. I've watched the Stars since I was a kid and it's been nice to see them be good for a while recently
  4. Resurrecting this dead thread to say Go Stars! Lol Even with roope hintz and Joe pavelski being basically invisible they're still rolling. Look out if they bring in Bourque or Bichsel from the black aces squad. Would probably be a shot in the arm for an already solid team. I am sad about what happened with Val Nichushkin. Of course decision-making is important but addiction doesn't really take time off. I met him in his draft year, he was such a nice kid and it's really a shame what's happened with him
  5. Got out on the buddy's boat for a couple hours after a big rain. It was slow but this warmouth wanted my jig real bad. I caught one other tiny spotted bass. It was just good to get out and fish
  6. Travis is way way low right now. Best time of year is probably prespawn in March after the first warm snap. I don't know many guide in the lower hill country but there are many. Despite all the rain we've had here, Travis's headwaters are in the western part of the state that has remained dry. Don't underestimate Lake Buchanan and Lake LBJ, they're part of the same river system but tend to stay a little fuller. Buchanan has a solid Striper population that you don't get as much at Travis. Upper hill country on the Brazos chain (possum kingdom, Granbury, Whitney, Waco) are all super full and fish somewhat similarly to the Colorado chain, minus the opportunity to catch Guadalupe bass. All of the brazos lakes have Stripers. Truth be told if I were trying a multiplies trip I would be headed to Texoma - BIG smallmouth, bigger stripers than the brazos chain, big LM, plus 70000 acres to choose from. Just make sure your guide has a good boat, I've been stranded on Texoma before and it was not a recommended experience
  7. 7-5, 4-1 SM, 7-1, 7-1, 7-5, all within the last calendar year, all from the same 27k acre reservoir. One whopper plopper, one chatterbait, two lipless, one Trig Zcraw. That's not even all the 7s I caught off the bank there last year. I wish I had a record like Pat but I think I've done OK for having only been at this a few years. I think being stuck on the bank is only sometimes a bad thing. But when it's tough, you start fishing for other things. I'm currently a crappie fisherman cause that's all I catch lately.
  8. My usual spot at Roberts plus the entry to possum kingdom. Still hasn't gotten old
  9. Missed em in Dallas cause it was cloudy 😒
  10. Ray Bob is big full! All the lakes up here are. Only one park I tried today was even open at Lake Grapevine. The piers at Eisenhower State Park (Texoma) are under water, it's risen a solid 7ft. We're all watered up!
  11. Hey Bob! I have family in San Antonio, I'm down there every so often. Check out the state parks all around you, there are many and they are all excellent
  12. These little delinquents ate a KVD 1.0 squarebill around sunset last night
  13. I appreciate knowing that there are good ones in there. There are days I wonder. I would posit that private sector is easier in some ways. It takes all of us to make this thing work. People who would disparage others for trying to get something done right are people I don't want to know. I have finally had a busy enough year so far that it feels like I'm actually starting to make it with my business. I freelance audio for television - if any of your wives or girlfriends watch true crime sort of TV shows, there's a good chance you've seen my work. Also the 2023 and 2024 World Poker Tour circuit events at Choctaw. I've had a shoot basically every other week so far this year, three in the last two weeks and that's as busy as I've ever been. It's been so much that I've only tossed lures once so far in May. I'm incredibly blessed but I could use some greater client diversity to really feel secure. It was a long road to get here. I started work as a money man - cash office at the local shop, cashier at the casino just across the border. Then took a hard left into guitar repair, then low level IT, then drywall/paint, then architectural coatings retail. I got my first audio job on a Saturday in 2019 after getting into a fight with my old boss that Friday. I haven't looked back very often. Up next is maybe a career with Texas Parks and Wildlife if I can't maintain this streak of business.
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