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Community Answers

  1. The Zillion series, even more so the older ones, Tatula Type R, Tatula CT SV, smaller Lexas...
  2. The best compromise between traction and abrasion resistance. 6 strands, maybe?
  3. If you fish on brackish and saltwater, detritus will accumulate easily in both ends of the worm shaft. And the bushing will allow it to wear the shaft ends, even more so in cheaper ones. But I agree, decent bushing can mitigate or avoid this problem. But seems like decent bushes are pricier than cheap bearings... Bushing allow to detritus get stuck between them and the shaft, in a way bearings don't do it.
  4. The same happens in worm gear bushing. The bushes allow detritus to accumulate and wear the worm shaft ends. With bearings, they are sacrificed, but keep wear off the shaft.
  5. The bearings in handles make a solid difference. The ones with bushing suffer from wear by accumulated detritus, if the knob shaft is made of duralumin. Brass-shafted knobs tolerate bushing way better than duralumin ones. So, if you have duralumin knob shafts, bearings are a must-have. Several companies don't do that, since using bushing-duralumin shafts is cheaper.
  6. The Stellla actually is departing from the JDM traditional quality for sometime.
  7. I can't use spinning reels anymore. The lesser control and precision is almost unbearable over UL/BFS presentations. For vertical fishing and saltwater, maybe I can use them again.
  8. I never ever had digging problems with baitcasters. Heavier braid absorbs more water, the increase in weight, decrease casting distance.
  9. I had one between 2021 and 2022. Casts like hell, somewhat under braked, plastic frame...
  10. Daiwa US don't even know what Magforce Air means. You can't have a decent staff, if you don't invest in better wages and training. The issue is a disseminated problem in US.
  11. There is no space for a mag-z inductor in the 300-size spool and frame.
  12. Daiwa Alphas series, the silver one, TW80 or SV70. Abu Garcie revo EXD (deep and shallow spool included).
  13. Around 30-100cm, in accordance with the rod size ant fish targeted.
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