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  1. One of the first thing I noticed in US bass scene were these absurd hooks, and maybe the frenzied fish reeling. I ever hook fish like that when fishing Arapaimas and Tarpons, with their hardened mouths.
  2. Love them. Even in light trolling gear. I hate to use backing line.
  3. Where the finesse aspect rests when throwing a 20g lure?
  4. Anything MGL will have the magnumlite spool, shallower and lighter.
  5. Came say what @looking45 pointed. UV and heat reduces line durability.
  6. 9.4lb Giant Red / San Francisco Piranha. Landed it with my ML setup, after more than 3 minutes fight. Giant White Piranha, at least 2lb, never saw one so big. Fat Snook in the BFS setup. Last catch of the day. ML Setup: Marine Sports evolution 12lb rod + Tatula 100 with shallow spool + 14lb test braided line + 12g sinking twitchbait BFS setup: Mavllos Delicacy + Kestrel Elite BFS + 8lb test braided line + 5g sinking crankbait.
  7. Got bitten more than 3 years ago. Improved both quality/size and quantity of my catches. I'm fishing under very clear waters, where fishes are very wary of the surroundings.
  8. I'm the opposite, I have difficulty using finesse lures under spinning gear. I can't conceive losing precision and better line slack control, when using spinning reels.
  9. Longer handle - more torque Smaller handle - more speed, but the ipt keeps the same.
  10. @Delaware Valley Tackle do you still mad? @Bass Rutten LOL!
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