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  1. It was on a border water. I have been fishing for weeks.
  2. 50 degrees is the lowest water temperature that I have caught bass on top water. That has always been in the late fall. I was struggling yesterday in Minnesota and decided to try a whopper plopper. The water temp was 51 degrees. It saved my day.
  3. I would consider a 30 inch pike a big pike in Minnesota. There is the potential for pike up to 40 inches or bigger on some lakes in Minnesota that are managed for big pike. On the lake that I mainly fish the pike are getting bigger since the new statewide regulations went into effect. I fish lake Pepin also and I would regard that lake as one on the best pike lakes in Minnesota.
  4. I always spend some time targeting pike especially on the Minnesota opener. The big ones are shallow on a normal opener. Where I fish you can keep 10 under 22 inches and they taste great. I release anything bigger than 22 inches. Big pike are my favorite to fish for.
  5. Largemouth Swim Jigs Buzz Bait - Whopper Plopper Crankbait Jig Senko Smallmouth Jerk Bait Crankbait Tube Whopper Plopper Paddle Tail
  6. The x rap has been a great bait for me when fishing smallmouth. For largemouth I have used the husky jerk but I would not consider it a great bait. It seems to be a better bait for walleye and pike.
  7. I have a NOCO Genius GenPro 10x4.
  8. I have several of the SLX XT's and I have very happy with them. I like the Curado's I have also but I have not been as impressed with the K series.
  9. I have a last years curado K that I sent in because the thumb bar wouldn't pop back up when you engaged the reel. I sent it in and Shimano sent it back and said they couldn't find anything wrong with it. I used it a few times this year the thumb bar is not releasing again. I have tried to contact Shimano without a response yet. I have started to switch over to Diawa as I update my reels. So far I am impressed with the Tatula.
  10. 1/2 ounce buzz bait black or white 110 whopper plopper with darker colors Walking bait with a rattle - white
  11. The sounds of a lure smacking the side of my boat, This time of year it's chains saws, mowers and leaf blowers all day long.
  12. I almost always have a whopper plopper tied on. For me it is mostly an end of the day lure or for sure low light days. There is hardly a lure that can cover water like the plopper. It is a great fall bait for me whether it is the river or the lakes here in Minnesota.
  13. I caught this one this evening on a wacky worm. It measured 20.25 inches.
  14. I agree the swim jig is one of my favorite spring baits. I swim it slow and on the bottom. When I hit any wood or old and emerging vegetation I give the reel handle a quick turn and let it sit a moment before I start the slow retrieve again.
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