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  1. Good looking fish @Pat Brown glad your son was able to get a nice one too! Lipless crank bite is picking up here as well. Years ago, I used to rent a house that backed up to a pond and I fished almost every day. I miss catching them on the regular like that! Good times...
  2. That's been kind of my theory as well, I'm thinking I need to change up the vibration.
  3. That's how it's been for me with the Chatterbait... we were absolutely killing the bass on them for a year or two, then all of the sudden it was like a switch was flipped and they refuse to hit it now. They definitely get conditioned to lures they see a lot. I'm still going to fish the Flashback and Mini Max some this spring, I'm looking to bring the bite back. @ol'crickety I was never much into spooks until I tried the One Knocker, it's been a game changer for me. The first time I used it, I think I caught more bass in one day than I've ever caught on the regular spook.
  4. @RipzLipz I'm the same way, it's been probably a year or more since I've caught a WP bass... but I definitely need to throw my WP 90 more. A couple of years ago I caught a few dozen fish on it with a couple 5s and a 6. I've only caught a handful of bass on the 130 with biggest one maybe 3 pounds. These days I tend to use more poppers and spooks.
  5. It seems kind of odd to me, but I tend to catch my biggest and most WP bass on the 90 size. I have a 130 and I've caught some fish but nothing like the size or quantity that I've caught on the 90. I'm looking to get a 60 too, now that I see they are available. @Zcoker I think mentioned he throws the 130 exclusively, might be worth trying one in the smaller sizes..? Not sure what sizes you're throwing @RipzLipz.
  6. I grew up fishing but didn't take it very seriously when I was a kid up through my teenage years. I'd go canoeing with dad on the river, and I'd bring a fishing pole and maybe catch a few fish occasionally. It was fun but I didn't really know much of what I was doing. As I got older, I got into cars, music (playing the drums for the baptist church and local bands), and hanging out with my friends. Around that time I suppose I kind of lost interest in it. I would fish occasionally, just a few times a year. What really got me back into it was when I was in my early 20s, renting a house that was on a pond that I shared with my neighbors. One day I decided to carefully walk out on a log and cast a few times. I caught some bluegill along with some small bass, and suddenly having all of this available right there in my backyard was eye opening for me. I started walking down to the pond almost every day after work. I built a small dock and I had some great times catching bass of all sizes (mostly dinks), catching a few crappie, but mostly just enjoying the peace and relaxation from the time in nature. Sometimes I'd just sit on the dock and drink a beer or take a nap. It was very therapeutic for me during some stressful times in my life, and I got a new appreciation for time spent in nature even if I didn't catch any fish. Fishing and hunting started to take on a new meaning for me, instead of only having fun if I was successful, I learned to appreciate the entire experience. Eventually I moved out of that house on the pond, but I missed it terribly... mostly because I felt like I lost a great way to relax and get in touch with nature. I started to think about how I could get back into fishing. Where I live, we have a lot of great local lakes, but they get a lot of pressure. I started to seek out harder to access places on these lakes, in order to get away from the crowds and find some peace and quiet. It took some effort, lots of searching on Google maps, and lots of scouting, but after a year or two I found some great local spots with quality fish that didn't get nearly as much fishing pressure as the main lake areas. Having a canoe, along with a small aluminum boat with a tiny 6hp outboard helped me tremendously because I could go places other bass boats couldn't get to. I enjoyed the challenge and thrill of scouting and finding new spots to fish. I finally found my "escape" once again, and it's better than ever because I'm learning more and more, catching much bigger and better fish. I like to mix it up with different species / different locations when I get too bored. I'll fish inshore down at the coast with my little aluminum boat, catching trout, drum, and flounder. I have a new buddy who is big into surf fishing, looking forward to going with him some this fall. I haven't got the canoe out in several years, this spring I'm looking forward to floating the river again with my dad. There's always something out there new and exciting... for me the common theme is the peace and tranquility I get with spending time in nature.
  7. First trip of 2024 was this past Saturday 2/10, I took y'all's advice and brought my dad this time. Great weather, mid 70s but very breezy. Guess what, the old man has still got it!! The morning started out kind of slow, then in the afternoon the bite really turned on and we were catching them on all kinds of stuff... spinnerbaits, crankbaits, lipless cranks, and jerkbaits. Probably 50 fish in, I was thinking it was going to be a numbers day. I had caught a few in the 3 pound range, then dad nails a 7.5 fish on a 6th sense crankbait! It was a great day, doubled up many times, and caught lots of fish on back to back casts. Once we found them it was lights out. Perfect way to break in my new spinnerbait setup. I'm loving my new JDM Zillion, it performed very well with my new 13 rod. Made some great memories with my dad, and he's just a few days away from retiring!!
  8. Go wild with various megabass colors all you want, but you're only hurting yourself if you don't have some pointers in your box as well. Chartreuse Shad is a great stained water / all around color. You said you want a true 4-5 foot running depth, my regular Vision 110s run shallower than that... but my LC pointers hit 4-5 feet perfectly. Also, the pointer is a true suspending jerkbait... not a slow float like the 110 jr.
  9. Those are some of the same colors I have, Elegy Bone in particular I like a lot. Great for stained water. If I were you, I'd definitely get a couple of Pointer 100s if you don't already have some. They suspend right around 4' for me in 50 degree water. If nothing else just keep them in your box for times the MB 110s aren't working. There are times the Pointers will get bit repeatedly while the 110s get ignored. I fish in NC also, I feel like for most of the water around me, the Pointers work better as an "all around" jerkbait. I'm braid to leader as well but I'm throwing them on casting gear. I throw the Pointer 78 and 65 on spinning gear, also braid to leader. I'll sacrifice some of slack line sensitivity for the ability to work the bait much better. Good moderate action rod + braid w/ leader is the way to go IMO.
  10. I actually do have a 50ah "Power Queen" battery and I haven't had any problems at all other than having to figure out the charger when I first got it. You will need the Power Queen brand charger in order to charge the battery. It's a kind of expensive charger, like $80 I think... but it is a high quality charger and it charges my other lithium batteries too. I had to contact their customer service in order to figure that out, but they were very responsive and would have replaced the battery if I really did have a problem. My setup is a 12' V hull with a 6hp outboard, and a MK Endura Max 45lb thrust trolling motor. It's been a great battery and I use my TM to chop through a lot of thick lily pads. I've had it last two trips without needing recharging. Once I dropped a pair of pliers across both terminals and shorted it out. I thought I killed it, but all it needed was to be hooked back up to the charger for a minute to reset the BMS and it was fine. You can see some of the battery in the pic below. It's been going strong for two years now. I have another 24ah lithium battery that powers my electric anchor winch and serves as a backup just in case.
  11. I prefer a single colorado blade for slow rolling anyway, they seem to work better at least for the spinnerbaits I'm making. The only time I'm using a colorado kicker blade is with a willow leaf main blade. Try the big single and see if it works... it works very well for me in the colder water. I got my 9lb 10oz PB in February '23 with a #4 single colorado blade spinnerbait.
  12. @RipzLipz I agree, I'm not going to press the drinking question because it's none of my business and I don't get the feeling he wants to talk about it. I'll probably just avoid drinking at all around him in the future just in case it makes him uncomfortable. If he has a problem I certainly don't want to contribute or bring him down. I have asked him before about fishing... It was a few months ago, I phrased it something like "I noticed we haven't been fishing together in a long time, is there a reason or have you just been busy?" which probably gave him an easy cop out. He blamed it on having to work all the time... which is true, he's had to work a lot more lately than he used to in years past. I'm definitely going to take your advice and fish a lot more with my dad now that he's retiring. I'll make sure my brother in law knows he can fish with me any time or just hang out if he wants to. But I'll probably just leave it at that and if he wants to fish, he can contact me. @Captain Phil I'd fish with you! You're about 560 miles away from me but dang it, I'm actually thinking about how I could make it work. My younger brother has a place in Destin but that doesn't help at all. I know my wife has some family in Florida too, I'm going to find out where they are at this evening. Hopefully they are closer to Eustis.
  13. I am so sorry for your loss, that sounds absolutely horrible. It's hard to put into words, but I really hope that you and your family are able to find some peace and healing after all of this.
  14. @A-Jay I think you might have missed that I made sure not to drink over Christmas at his place because I knew he wouldn't be. He just randomly quit one day and never said a word to anybody. So how am I supposed to know if he has a problem? You think because he quit I need to quit too? I'm not really trying to make this about drinking vs not drinking, but if he really does have a problem I'm more than willing to avoid drinking around him entirely. Neither of us ever drink while we're fishing. I just thought the timing was kind of weird, you might be right that he's going through some major changes and needs some support. If that's the case, I'd love to help support him any way I can. He's family, and I'm just trying to figure out how to approach fishing with him in the future without ticking him off or prying into his personal business too much. Honestly I think it's unlikely to be addiction related, much more likely health related. But I want to support him regardless. I'm fine with not drinking around him or at his place. BTW, I feel like drinking a coke is probably worse for your health than a beer. I don't like soda, and I try to avoid consuming that much sugar. So yeah, that Coke might kill me if I drank a lot of it. Or give me diabetes. @Zcoker I'm tempted to just ask him straight up, but I am worried I'll tick him off and I don't want to do that because we're family and we see each other a lot. I've always preferred a direct approach myself, if the situation was reversed I would want him to be straight up with me. But people are different. At the end of the day, you're absolutely right, I am going to be myself regardless of other people's behavior. I'm perfectly comfortable with who I am in life, I've worked very hard to get here. I finished my engineering degree while working full time and starting a family. I have 3 amazing kids and an incredible wife. God has blessed me tremendously. So I'm proud of who I am, and grateful for what I have.
  15. @Jar11591 He's my wife's brother. It could definitely be related to his wife. She like me alright, but she's very 'small-town' and I think her parents might have had some substance related problems when she was growing up. Could be health reasons combined with wife's influence.
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