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  1. Ya it’s a little confusing. They have a link to fill out and pay $35 for a shipping label… I would have thought they would have sent me a label to print out, however after I paid the $35, there was no follow up instructions. I am assuming they will perhaps mail me a shipping label, or email me one tomorrow?
  2. I emailed them and completed the return shipping label form plus payment (through a link Dobyns sent). I suppose now I will wait for them to send a shipping label for me to return the rod. Thanks!
  3. I purchased a Dobyns Sierra ultralight pole this week to use for crappie or just as a throw and go pole for local ponds. Was super pumped to try it out today for the first time, however when I went to set the hook on my first fish, the pole snapped in half about half way down the pole (was using 6 lb braid with a 4 lb leader)! This has to be a manufacturer defect correct? Maybe the pole had a small crack in the blank during shipping…Guess I’ll see how their warranty is this week!
  4. My job makes it almost impossible to have a consistent sleep schedule. I woke up yesterday morning at 6:30 and I’m just now getting to bed for the night at 9:05am the next day. Throw kids into the equation and I’m lucky to find time to sleep at all! Im 41 now, and can pull it off with a red Bull or 2 each day, but I’m sure it will catch up with me somewhere down the line!
  5. Well it is last years model so it was on sale. I was actually just planning to get the zillion but when i saw the Steez was. 30% off at tackle warehouse i convinced myself to get that one lol.
  6. Has anyone used this castable fish finder? If so, do you find it beneficial ? I picked one up on sale last week, haven’t used it yet, but I’m hoping that it’s helpful when casting from the bank, specifically when fishing small ponds or lakes.
  7. Ok, so i think I’m set for fishing season! I’ve added 2 new bait casting rods to my arsenal. 1) an FX Custom Xtreme 6’9 M XF with a Daiwa Tatula for jerkbaits and 2) a St Croix Tournament 7’1 MH XF (thanks A-Jay!) with a Daiwa Steez SV TW reel as an all around rod.
  8. I have been happy with my Legalis. 6.6 oz when spooled with 4 lbs. mono and doesn't seem to hold an excessive amount of line. Love the aesthetics of the reel (has paired well with my SC Avid Panfish) and how smooth the retrieve has been.
  9. I took my mom to Vegas to see him in December. I was surprised at how much energy he had when singing (he did take 1 break), and how good he sounded, but he didn’t look very good at all… so glad we went to see his last concert!
  10. My favorites are Fishanything (mule fishing) and Aggressivelyaverageanglers (I don’t think either of these channels are professionals)
  11. You’ll have to bring back a report!
  12. Has anyone had experience with the FX custom rods? Specifically their extreme line of casting rods. I would love opinions as it seems they are a lesser known company and t”it are difficult to find reviews.
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