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Jig Swallowing Bass

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Well the plans to go to Miami got changed a little bit. I met up with Flash (Sam) at Lake Wabunsee after being shown some pictures of some really nice largemouth and smallmouth and being all but guaranteed some quality fish. The lake did not disappoint. I got there about an hour before he did and got to work quickly, catching a solid 18+ inch keeper on one of my homemade jigs, which turned out to be the bait of choice for almost all of the bigger fish I caught.


Sam got there and I was basically on a guided trip for the day only I was running the trolling motor. Mostly caught largemouth but did get a few smaller smallmouth mixed in too. We for sure had 12-15 that would have been close to being keepers (18") and in the 3 pound range and they where munching jigs.


Despite the numbers of quality fish the big fish eluded us, until about 15 minutes before I had to leave. I got a light bite and my hands set the hook before my brain truly registered the bite. Although all the fish fought hard and I'd be mistaken several times thinking I'd hooked a big fish that turned out to be "just another 3 pounder" this fish had strength and weight. After a pretty good little tussle, Sam got the net under her. Board was too short for a measurement but she was very thick and 5lbs 10ozs and almost swallowed my homemade 3/8oz Texas craw jig.



I ended the day with 27 fish to put me at 727 bass on the year.

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WOW, fantastic day and photos... WTG!


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Congrats! Love the fact you have your dog with you as well!


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Nice fish!

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