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a couple days ago i posted about lowrance units for my newboat. since then i have done a bunch of research on all fishfinders and have got myself more confused than ever! can i get some honest opinions on lowrance and humingbird? they both have what i want, other than touch, but what i want is simplicity and trust in what im seeing. my only question with lowrance is i bought a 642 in 08 and itquit on me this year and lowrance wont repair. i hate to drop about$3500 on something is only going to last 4 yrs. thanks for all your help. :dazed-7:

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My experience, I have a cheap Lowrance on the bow for 8 years no problems. Had a HB Matrix on the console for 7 years no problems. For this past season I ran a HB 798ci SI on the console. Only issue I've had is transducer placement. Once I got that figured out things were great. As far as operating it, it's relatively easy to figure out. The new Lowrance Touch caught my eye though and looks almost idiot proof.

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the birds are more simple to run.........simple in the sense you have to hit many less buttons to scroll menu to menu, unless they changed something.

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TrytoFish, contact the following as they can repair your Lowrance unit:

Marine Electronics of Hartfield, Inc.

11007 General Puller Highway

Hartfield, Virginia 23071


FAX 804.776.9634

email: sales@buygpshere.com

Ask for Janice Clark and she can fill you in.

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