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Z6 Boat Cover

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I was just wondering what cover you guys recommend for a Z6? I bought a semi custom one last summer from bass pro that said it was for a Nitro Z6 and went to put it on the first time and the piece of junk was too short and not near wide enough. I would just like one that i can drive with it on and also use it in the winter when i put the boat up for storage.

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You  can get a genuine Nitro cover for your Z-6, with a ratchet cord that will fit perfectly.


However, you will find on the cover (in the pocket which contains the ratchet device), and in the instructions that you should not tow your boat at high speeds for long distances with the cover on.  I was also told the same thing when I picked up my boat.


What will happen is that road grit can get between the edge of the cover where it contacts the hull.  The cover will flap and vibrate some as the air passes over it.  It will act like sandpaper and damage the gel coat.


Some will say they tow with the cover on and don't have a problem.  But I have seen a few boats that were obviously damaged because they were towed with the cover on.


From the Dowco/Guardian instructions.


"As with all covers, trailering for long time periods at high speeds can cause

some rubbing on the boat. Please take time to inspect the cover for any

contact with graphics or logos and protect them with cloth or foam"




It's your boat, and your choice.

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I use the genuine nitro cover with the ratcheting pockets, I was also concerned with the possibility of chafing, but I have yet to see any damage occur from it.

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I have trailered a 2011 Z7 for three seasons with the Nitro cover on and have had no damage to the boat finish one also must understand the road dirt being kicked up while traveling at high speeds will cause more damage to the boat than the cover will. I love the fit and finish of the Nitro cover. Just my experiance.


Tight Lines

Pa Angler

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