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Most Fun By-Catch Day Ever.

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So, my day started out with dinks.




Lots of those.


We stumbled upon a spawning activity I guess.  I've never seen fish balled up like this.  I really wish I had screen shot my fish finder.  There were thousands.  Everwhere you looked they were hitting the surface.  Catching Air.  Not stripe.  GAR.






We hooked dozens.  Landed a few.  They were holding on too.  Unusual for gar.  They will usually get snagged for a bit and I rarely land them.  Rarer still is landing more than one in a day, unless you're snagging them or using frayed line to tangle their teeth.   I lost count of how many hits I was getting on some casts.  It was fun.  They really liked my 3/4 Red Eye Shad today.

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That's a nice gar.  This time of year we see a lot of them down here and you're right they are hard to catch.  Either they are disinterested or difficult to keep buttoned.  I caught one about the same size a month ago out of a canal, really nice fight.

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Gar rarely bite when they're actively spawning in my experience. About the only way to get them then is to snag them. It's a good time when you find them piled up, especially if they'll let you get close enough to pick out the big females from all the little males.

We get some monster longnose gar around here, they're a good time until you have to unhook one. 

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