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JT Bagwell

Don't Miss Out

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For a good chunk of my life I didn't go deer hunting or ice fishing because I couldn't deal with the cold weather we get up here in Northern Illinois.


The winters seemed to last forever and I spent most of my time indoors and feeling like a caged animal.


The last few years I have got back into both deer hunting and ice fishing thanks to finding ways to stay warm. Now I put my Triton away in November, Deer

hunt until Mid-January, Ice Fish from January to March and then it is back to bass fishing. The winters aren't so bad now. It just stinks that I missed so many

years of doing these activities because I didn't have the proper gear.



So many companies now are making base layers to put under your normal clothes and then you have a large assortment of companies making

heavy duty, top of the line cold weather gear. This stuff is going to cost you some cash but I really recommend that you get some if you live where

it gets cold. It is 20 degrees right now and I am putting on my multiple layers of Under Armour Cold Gear Infrared and I am going to go sit in my

tree stand all day hoping a deer walks by.


Basically the point of my post is to tell you not to miss out on doing activities when it is cold out just because you can't stay warm.

Spend the extra money and get some really good gear and remember to dress in layers. A thermos of warm beverage is also a plus.





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Icebreaker oasis 200 for me. Thin as a tshirt, light, breathable, and warm as an oven. If I get hot, I never feel like I am sweating. A good base layer is a wise investment for any outdoor activity.

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