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Season Recap 2015

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Every year around this time, I enjoy recapping my season.  The boat is put away and I may still get out a few times with buddies, but for all intents and purposes, my season has come to an end.  Looking back, I had a very memorable season, and with a wife and young son at home, I was certainly lucky to get out as often as I did.  Let’s start off from the beginning.


First ice is always something I look forward to.  I don’t enjoy ice fishing as much as I enjoy fishing from a boat, but until our climate changes drastically, that’s my only option.  First ice came in decent time this year and I believe that January 11th was my first day out.  I planned a vacation from work for the 3rd week of January, so it came at the right time.  I was out for first ice on the Sunday that my vacation started.  The bite was solid for the first couple weeks, as it often is.  We fished deep water chasing Simcoe lakers.  There wasn’t an awful lot of bait around in the areas we were fishing, but the fish were very willing to commit to moving baits.  The good bite continued into February.
This was my first laker of the season, not a bad way to start it off.

This fish came on the first drop on my second trip out

nice, long fish

I only keep fish once or twice a season, these ones made it to the smoker and we enjoyed them as a snack back out on the ice.

My biggest of the season in the 18 pound range.


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February started off slow.  I think I had 2 skunks and took a couple weeks off.  We started running and gunning for whities and bumped into some nice lakers along the way.  The fish were a lot tighter to bottom and needed more enticing, as the often do during the February blues.

nice shallow laker

hit a bunch of good whities on this day, they would move through in schools and every school had 1 or 2 that would commit.

This was my first spreader fish in years.  Decided to try it out and it was a good time handlining them in.


Last ice is always my favourite time.  The fish just seem to get hungry.  The days are longer, the sun shines more and the comfort level is more enjoyable.  I mix it up between lakers and perch for the last bit of the season.  The lakers get to swim home, the perch feed me for a while.


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I literally didn’t fish in April.  Brutal.


I missed steelhead opener, so I got out one time on May 1st and went 3 for 5 or something.  Nothing crazy, but always a good time.  Perch fishing took up the next couple weeks until lakers and pike opened up.  May is always a favourite for me.  So much variety, that I rarely experience once bass season opens up.  We got some big fish throughout the month.

some slob perch

more giant Simcoe perch

nice laker to start off the rigging season


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My biggest pike of the year came on opening day, just passing the 46 inch mark

Another solid pike

Good solid fish from a solo trip


Bass season opens this month, which I always look forward to, but there lots of time before then.  Some more rigging and pike fishing, then when the last Saturday of June comes around, it seems not much else matters.

My last targeted pike of the season

my biggest laker of the rigging season

first smallie of the year was a good one


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Successful day

One of the darkest smallies I’ve ever caught


I’ll group these months together since it is just one big blur of bass fishing.  I do a lot more largemouth fishing once the water warms, but still target transitioning smallies for the first little while.

won my first clubbie of the year on Simcoe

fun day largie fishing

Cal thought he had a giant smallie

Biggest largie of the season, well over 6 lbs


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nice set

fun day flipping


It may seem I’m getting lazy with my typing now, kinda.  Fall is one big season that I always look forward to.  I love fall fishing.  The fish become predictable and they eat.  Enjoy some photos from the fall season, and thanks for reading.

first day really whacking them in early fall

Jon and I won the Imperium Baits fall brawl with around 25lbs

Cal met me on shore so he could come slay them when the bite was on.

Greg and I won the Barrie Bassmasters Open with 29.95 lbs… so close to 30!


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This fish is my new PB. I don’t have a weight, but I believe she is over 7.5, closer to 8lbs

Check out this quick video from my pike season.

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Bro, I'm not jealous at all with that season...

:clap:  :clap:  :clap:

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Wow, Steve.  Great pics of some great catches. Congrats.

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Those perch are bigger than many of the LMB I catch.

One more reason not to stay where I am when I retire !

Great looking catches!

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The photo "fun day flipping" looks like Florida but the fish definitely do not look like Florida! (they are fat and healthy not skinny) Nice job!

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multi-species smackdown.  heckuva year!  if there was pike here, that's probably what i'd fish for 75% of the time.  i've always wanted to catch one.

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You obviously know what you are doing.   :)

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All I can say is WOW!.  You had a good season.

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