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Beginner Walleye Fishing

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1/8th oz  to 1/4 oz jig heads with twister tail grubs, minnows.  Fish areas that have a rock and weeds or both in close areas.  Reefs or humps in the lake are other key areas to try. Crawlers, leeches work well too if you want to go the live bait route.  

If you're not a slow paced fisherman like myself, a Berkley flicker shad or alike is a good choice if you want to crank for them instead. Lipless cranks will do the trick if they're very active.

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The water temperature and sunlight also play a role.  If its already 75 degrees or warmer, forget about it.  That's the boiling point for walleyes.  If its overcast and/or windy, try shallower.  If its sunny and/or calm, go deeper.  I'd try a ledge or along a deep weedline with a slip bobber and leech, minnow, or worm too.  They can be pretty finicky and spooky, especially in clear water.

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I'd fish the cove with weeds. One of the lakes I use to fish a lot sounds similar, minus the docks. Clear water, tons of weeds in the coves, about 180 acres, and a small walleye population. The walleyes would bury up in the tops of the weeds in 4-8 feet of water along the creek channel and smash a squarebill ripped through the weeds. Had to be middle of the summer when the water was usually above 80 degrees.

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