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2 hours ago, Fishin Maniac said:

What would be a decent selection of lures and soft baits i can spend about 250 on it i just need all different techniques and diving depths and i nee the hooks and weights for it?




How do you fish?

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Hard baits:

Topwater:  Zara Spook, LC Sammy, Megabass PopMax and Whopper Plopper

Shallow crankbait:  Norman Fat Boy (redear pattern) and Bandit 200

Variable range:  Strike King Red Eye Shad (Red and Chrome/Blue);

Seibert Outdoors Cosmic Spinnerbait or Booyah Spinnerbaits



Rage Tail:  Structure Bug, Craw, Cut-R, Menace, Lizard, Hawg and Space Monkey

YUM Houdini Shad

GYCB: Senko, Fat Ika, Kut-Tail

Bizz Baits Pad Daddy


Jigs & Chatterbaits: Seibert Outdoors jigs and Foggy 

Trailers:  Rage Tail Craw and Menace



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real fishing maniacs know you need only $100 or less in baits.

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3 hours ago, detroit1 said:

real fishing maniacs know you need only $100 or less in each different baits and depth


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If I dropped $250.00 on lures, I'd be sleeping in my yak out in the garage! I believe @Jaderose nailed it. If you first assess the type of fishing you will be doing, you can drastically reduce wasted dollars. Most of the lakes I fish here are already getting weed-choked so blowing money on crank baits isn't a good idea unless you are gathering salad ingredients. For me, the plastic worms, creature baits, and weedless-rigged flukes seem to work. I also have a few spinnerbaits and chatterbaits which I have used with success.


Evaluate the style of fishing in which you are interested. I wouldn't recommend big swimbaits or many of the finesse baits if you are not patient!  Personally I enjoy the suspense and excitement that attend a topwater explosion so I have several frog-type lures.


You may also consider the type of bass for which you are fishing, the water conditions (such as clarity, depth, temperature) in which you will be fishing, and even the time of day at which you generally fish.


The tackle monkey will bite you, but I am rather proud of the fact I haven't purchased many lures that just sit in my tackle boxes. The goal for me is to minimize the damage he does!


One final thought. After having two credit cards with big box stores (not fishing-related) and a go-around when someone hacked my income tax number (fortunately other than having to do a mountain of paperwork I came through unscathed), I have gotten very cautious about credit cards. Now, when the tackle monkey chomps my butt, I do one of the following:


1. Figure out my bill in the website "shopping cart" including shipping and taxes, then buy myself a gift card for the exact amount of the purchase.

This is my favorite method.

2. Buy a gift card for myself in the amount I wish to spend ($250.00 in your case) and use that for making multiple purchases. If you end up with a few bucks left on the card, you can always apply it to a local purchase.


It costs a few bucks to buy the cards, but the peace of mind is worth it.


i apologize if this wandered a little far afield, but hopefully it will help someone avoid the hassles I went through. The tackle monkey is bad enough, but the 800-pound Hacker Gorilla really sucks.


Have fun and good luck!

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