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80# 24V Trolling Motor-What to choose and Why

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I am finding the 12V Minn Kota Edge 45 to be quite inadequate.


I am guessing that an 80# 24V replacement should be enough for a 17 foot Xpress, with more than 5 speeds.


I have no experience with the various big brands so please feel free to make my head hurt. I think assisted deploy/retract would be a requirement due to age and arthritic issues. I run a Helix 7 graph so I am not sure if connectivity is possible or really worthwhile.


Now that I have looked and seen the amount to be spent I am looking forward to your sharing opinions.


Thanks y'all!

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I love my Ulterra and the 2017 versions are even better.


It deploys with a touch of a button and power trims for shallow water (when I stick a lure in a bush).

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I prefer Minn Kota's Ultrex over its Ulterra, because it has a much more robust mount and I prefer using the cable-steer pedal over the push-button remote. It doesn't power trim for shallow water, but you can trim it up by simply pulling on the stow/deploy cable. That said, my buddy with the bad knees who prefers to use the push-button remote over the pedal LOVES his Ulterra. And the US2 transducer that's built into either of the motors is compatible with a sonar-only Helix 7 graph.

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