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I have had a really awful 2 week trying to get anything to bite. I'm in northern Missouri, and I've been throwing the house at them... Senkos (real and knock off), creature baits, spinners, very few crank baits, jigs(i have no idea why I've never got anything on one before), paddle tails, flukes, frogs, rats, t rig, nc rig, a knock off umbrella rig, shakey heads, bullet heads, mepps, tubes...... I'm starting to think its the operator not the bait. Any input you my have would be great.

Using a spinning set up on an ugly stick 6'6" and a Promax caster on a cabala's heavy fast action. with either 10 or 14 pound mono.

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Don't feel bad, the last 2 weeks have been pretty awful for me too. Even at the lakes that I go to when I need a slump buster have been disappointing at best. Thankfully had a good tournament in the mix or I'd be thinking about selling the boat.

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It happens to everyone.  Sometimes the best you can hope for is to learn something that day.  Most of my days out this year have been far from stellar, even on stretches of water that I routinely catch 25+ in a day.  Sometimes we get in the habit of fishing the past, ignore a lot of things, and miss patterns that are right in front of us.  Other times, we fish tricky conditions and patterns that may have crushed days earlier end up being useless.  Fishing is basically trying to solve a constantly evolving puzzle.  That's what makes it exciting.

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1 hour ago, Robert Fulton said:

I stacked up a couple 2 and 3 pounders with my MTB last night.

Where do you fish? Are you in Northwest, North Central or Northeast MO?

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