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  1. Nice people and good food. Nice clean store. Never stayed in a cabin so not sure about that but I’d bet my camper that they’re nicer than Alpine ? Nothing against Alpine cause I stayed there plenty. Can’t beat it for the price ?
  2. Wouldn’t blame a soul for not reporting it. Wouldn’t doubt it either. Might even be a Pinocchio Fish. Complex world, now days ?
  3. I understand both sides of it. Never thought I’d quit hunting but I can‘t do it all anymore. Got to pick the one I like the most and that hurts the least lol
  4. Good job, you blasting that A5? If the ducks ever come back around here Ima get me one of them. Three bad years in a row duck hunting so next year they can kiss my tail feathers and my duck stamp goodbye lol ? Rather just fish all year and that’s what’s about to happen ?
  5. Way better than duck season! It’s on now ?
  6. I’m at the bottom of some trees cause I can’t climb anymore. Does that count? ? Glad y’all are catching. I’ll be over there when it gets too hot to hunt which won’t be long now.
  7. Print screen on a computer works too. Catt, I was gunna take a picture of it for you but it must be at the camper ? LovestoFish, you better call them cause they close for even the smallest tropical storm. Sabine National Forest 409-625-1940.
  8. Have three inches thick of printed out screenshots. That’s all I know. Hadn’t done it in a long while either.
  9. Went snoop around Indian Creek. Never been. It’s like an entirely different place. Figured with that blue sky all them docks would be better. Caught a 4 pounder and a 2 pounder no where near a dock. Saw some good ones too. More to figure out lol
  10. Jaws, yes it does. If you like the snell knot don’t use two. I don’t trust a snell knot with fluorocarbon. I use it only with braid. Sorry Doug, I have a hound dog and didn’t mention it because you said fool proof.
  11. Catt, I use one above and one below the weight. Also, for when you change the line or add a leader you can save them. Otherwise, I do what you said. Wes, I like 6th sense stoppers. Troy, the landings are open on the Texas side.
  12. I said that after two months of frustration. Shouldn’t have but who’s perfect? On one hand I want to help everybody that helped me. Over half of them are gone from here and even one passed away. Also, like to try to help everybody BUT I also like to fish in peace and don’t want to be 1 of about 5 giving reports out of the million reading it. I don’t fish tournaments but when I get to fish, I prepare and fish like it’s for 100 grand. I love it even though it hurts me, severely. Can’t do it like I used to so it’s even more valuable to me. Just for the record, I know people that fish with Bassfanatic and I know it sounds crazy but the young fella ain’t bs’ing. That’s all... almost time to go fish lol
  13. You’re welcome Blaster. Two stops work great especially with a skirt. While I can’t sleep, here’s another one. Believe it or not, a small, and I mean small dab of shaving cream takes all the hard water stains and streaks out of any depth finder screen. I clean it first but I don’t think it’s necessary. Ole school regular barbasol is what I use. Really amazing.
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