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  1. As someone that moved from Toledo country to east tn where damiki rigging really came to the forefront, this is insane to see how much ffs is playing a role in to this on the big border pond. For the record even though I live in east tn I’m still useless dropping on them 😂
  2. last tournament here it was 17 to win 14 was second then everything else was ten or under. Boones been turning out some good bags. But very sporadic. Bring in 5 good chance you’re gonna get in the money.
  3. They’ve been stocking it with f1 and most are now above 15 inches. It’s a pickem on which is more predominant. You guys find me on Facebook Jared a jones and I’ll send some pics of some Boone fish. It’s a fun lake you can fish it almost anyway you want. Y’all should come out and join. It’s gonna be a fun one. Regional will be held on Douglas or Cherokee.
  4. what’s wild is I ain’t heard anything from him since the last trip 😂. Is what it is. I’m genuinely a positive person. And surrounding myself with that just wasn’t good
  5. I just wanna say I appreciate everyone’s advice in this. And I definitely took it. Things are much smoother now since I moved on. I do wanna say this though. All you guys in the east tn area. The director worked his but off and it finally happened. USA bassin will now have two Boone lake divisions a spring and night and they’re holding an open on Feb 10 followed by an info meeting. You guys offered so much help. I’d love for you guys to come Out for the open and maybe even join the trail. Nothing but love and appreciation for y’all Bassresource guys. I appreciate the advice man. Everything you’ve said and washed my hands with it. Sometimes it’s best just to walk away
  6. Come on out for this one guys!!! Due to the hard work of the director it finally happened!!! Any local sticks from Bassresource would love to see you guys out there!! Everyone will be there to answer all your questions about the trail. Hope to see you guys on the tenth and on the trail to make this one of the biggest and best things to come to the tri cities area!!
  7. sounds good man and I really appreciate it. I’m better than I was for sure. Right now just trying to get dad on a smallmouth. Could care less if I catch a fish as long as he gets a smallie 😂
  8. hey man just now reading this cause I got flu after I got Covid 😂. I’m definitely down one day. This next week coming up my family is coming in so I won’t be able to do it then. I’m trying to get my dad to catch his first smallie. I have someone I know that might be bringing him and I but I’m not 100 percent sure yet. My dad was my fishing buddy most the time in south Louisiana and he’s never caught a smallie so figure it’s time 😂
  9. Signed up for Omnia tonight and it immediately charged me the 49. Waiting for the 50 dollar credit now
  10. look you gotta live out your comfort zone. I mean look at me I started a thread about my FORMER toxic fishing partner 😂.
  11. I hate that happened to you man. Since moving up here a year ago, one thing I’ve learned is the fishing community is very very tight. So I try to get in where I fit in so to speak. I’ve tried my best to even be this guys friend and it just doesn’t happen. I basically got called dumb by him the other day as well cause I believe in fishing pressure. Hoping for better days next year, they just won’t be around him.
  12. I’m glad you’re doing well. man I hate to hear about the parents. Even though not unexpected my thoughts are still with you. I just thought about this thread tonight. Was tough last year to do it cause me and the wife moved to East tn I last fall from south Louisiana. Such a drastic change in life for someone born and raised in the swamps.
  13. Guys it’s been a long long time. Hopefully everyone is doing well.
  14. unless it’s a 3 pounder absolutely. something I do while bank fishing with a ned is just work it mid depth like a slow jerkbait almost if that makes sense
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