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I would like to end this year by saying......I LOVE THIS SITE and THANK YOU for everything.  I won't go into any mushy stuff but sure love the non garbage on this site and all the helpful info.  Good people too....Tight Lines this upcoming year to you all and may GOD bless.

This just goes great with a cup of coffee in the morning.

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Totally agree and we'll said!

I wish all a Happy and Safe 2018.  





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It takes a lot of focus to run BassResource, but it’s the loyal visitors that feeds us. When I look through the posts in the forums, it really strikes me how much this site means – and how much the people who visit the site feed my soul. There are no words for it… beyond, just, ‘wow’.


So much has happened over the last 21 years. But the one thing that remained consistent, that’s been there no matter what, are the loyal fans of the site. They’ve always been why we do what we do. But when you look beyond fishing and see the interactions of the forum members across the country, they’re really the heartbeat to everything we do.


I always say no matter how hard we work at creating a great experience for our fans, they have so much energy and so much heart, they come back at us even harder. But when you can sit and really see them learning, sharing, and connecting in-person, it’s shocking. They are so giving and put out so much awesomeness, it stops me in my tracks – and reminds me why I feel most alive giving so much back to them.


This is why we do this. This right here. When you have fans like we have, you wanna do even better than you think possible … and with the awesome members we have right here, it really does inspire us to reach for new heights and possibilities.


A huge thanks to each and every one of you who have supported and encouraged us along the way!



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Thanks Glenn for all you do for this board and thanks to everyone on here. Hope everyone has a great 2018 !!!!

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