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First trip of 2018

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As promised @12poundbass Nothing special but was good to get out. A bit nipply this morning and the Lund was covered in frost.





Met my dad at the ramp at 8 he was there when I arrived and was already drowning minnows. He had already cleared the ramp of debris that had floated up during the heavy rains we had a couple weeks ago. Apparently we were the first boat to launch this season. Unfortunately they are still lowering water levels back to winter pool and the water was low and flowing. Started heading to a spot I wanted to start at. Drove about a mile and was met with ice. Was about 1/2" thick. Probably went about another 1/4 mile breaking ice before I decided it wise I turn around because the ice was getting thicker. Headed back towards the launch to fish a creek channel. Didn't get very far before I turned around because of ice. Headed to fish a bridge which is normally a good walleye spot. Spent an hour or so there jogging back and forth thru the current  catching nothing but snags. Decided to head north. Got about 3/4 of a mile and was met with ice again. Instead of screwing around I headed back south again to another creek channel that I knew was open. Started fishing docks. Nothing.... It was now around 11:00 and I figured we weren't going to get anything because all the fish had been eaten by sharks.


About another 1/2 hour goes by with nothing. We come to a 3 way fork in the creek channel. 2 go into a marina and the 3rd continues up the creek channel. Dad wanted to head up the creek. I've never caught a fish further up the creek so I took us into the marina which I had never fished before. Kept casting dock pilings until Blammo!!!! First fish of the season.


A little rock bass. We fished this dock for another couple hours catching crappies, perch, LMB (dad lost a nice one because I told him to flip it in) rock bass an bluegill...and then it died. Another boat showed up and parked at a dock right behind us and caught quite a few crappies but they said all were small. The bite died and we headed back out to the middle of the fork which was more marina. Hitting dock after dock after dock until we hit the motherload. Mind you, sizes were small but action was there.



This guy recently escaped a pike or musky


We kept enough fish for dinner and thru back about 50 fish. Most of them bluegills



Dad caught the biggest fish of the day and also lost the biggest. Nice rock bass currently digesting in my stomach.




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Nice write up. Well done sir! 

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Well done...looks like a great day was had.

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Yes!  Glad someone else knows what nipply means.  Most people just look at me weird.  Nice haul as well

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