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Latest model HDS Carbons and Universal Sonar 2 compatability

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I need some help guys.  I'm looking at getting a new boat and I'm trying to decide what electronics, TM, etc. I want to get on it.  I'm pretty settled on getting the Minn Kota Ultrex because I want the Spot Lock feature but I'm confused if the latest model Lowrance HDS Carbon units are compatible with the Universal Sonar 2 transducer on the TM.  For instance, on their compatibility list for Lowrance, Minn Kota lists the HDS 9, HDS 9 Gen 2 and Gen 2 touch and HDS 9 Gen 3. 


It's been awhile since I've shopped for Lowrance units so I have no idea if the latest models are Gen 3 or are they just plain old HDS 9, 12 etc.  It looks like either are compatible but I want to make sure so I don't make a several thousand dollar mistake.  Any insight is appreciated.

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US2 is 2d only. You wont be able to use anythibg else in the unit sonar wise if you hiik it up. The lowrance hdi or lss2 or totalscan is fat better. I just left the us2 cable tied up on my ultrex and ran an HDI down . If you just want 2d, you can buy the headunit only of whatever lowrance you want and get the us2 adapter cable to run from the trolling motor cable to the unit and you’re set.

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Thanks man, exactly the kind of info I was looking for!

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It will work but like iabass said its 2d only.  I have a fortrex with the US2.  I unhooked it and put a total scan and 9" carbon on the front. 12" on the console with 3d  Its awesome.  One thing with the total scan.  If the boat is anchored or sitting still the structure scan will not work correctly until you move.  This is one of the pics I took from the total scan.  It also the crappiest return I had when I had my phone out to snap it.  This is from a total scan.  Normally the returns are awesome.  I hope to get more tomorrow.



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