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Bassing as a Living Economics

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My friend and I have been sitting around trying to figure how the particulars of how they, meaning the professional Angler, make it in fishing. You hear about the tremendous amount of travelling, fuel cost hotels, entry fees, etc that it's hard to wrap around just sheer number of dollars that it takes. Not to mention raising families and all the costs associated with what would be considered a normal life. 


Are the sponsors paying the anglers that much? Are they paying entry fees? I understand that the big boys would maybe get larger sums, but to cover all the costs associated? Are they getting alot of money thru fishing/speaking engagements or just showing up to support sponsors? 


And lastly it just seems almost impossible to stay on the tour if you are not in the money at some point often. For example how is the guy that is not necessarily finishing in the bottom but maybe in that 60-90th area making it? I am looking at guys on tour now that have either not pocketed a check or maybe just 1 check. That does not even seem remotely close to any kind of sustainable amount of money to stay on tour. And yet, they do it. 


No illusions, too old anyways to even dream about touring, just really curious 😀



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I agree I don’t see how they do it?

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A lot of touring pros have money, plain and simple. Most of the biggest names in the sport started when it was much more affordable, gobbled up the majority or the endemic sponsors, and have no reason to leave.  They get paid well by their sponsors. Skeet and Ish have lambos/ferraris...I know there are many touring pros that struggle and end up bowing out due to finances but the mainstays are getting paid.  

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Attached is a video clip of the 2017 AOY discussing this very topic 


I like his style.



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🤦‍♂️ I should’ve become a pro fisherman, instead, like too many of us, I was thinking rock star...

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