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    I fish for every fish of every species like it was a largemouth bass. Whenever “everyone” laughs at your stories, it means when they tell their own stories, they know they’re just lying.

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  1. Jersey Mikes is the best chain by far. Try the tuna and the cheesesteak. These are as good as it gets anywhere. The cheesesteak is better than anything you can get in Philadelphia. I miss Quiznos. I don’t eat a lot of sandwiches, but when they were open a block away from my work I was in there a few times a week.
  2. 🤣😂🤣I never said anything about hate. But according to every manufacturer, basically every product they make is the best.
  3. The sequential math book in my junior year of high school. Because I wound up getting into a fight with the boyz in da hood on the bus on my way to school to return the book (they were not from my school). It didn’t help that it was the honors math book making me look like a total nerd, because there were only like 18 kids in that class and it was a mix of 10, 11 & 12th graders. For some time after getting off of the bus, while avoiding many blows from several people for quite some time, I had tucked my chin, as I had learned training in martial arts for the past two and a half years and held that two and a half inch thick book against my chin. At one point, one of them, who was directly in front of me, was actually able to hit that book with an extremely hard uppercut. There is no way he didn’t break his hand. No way. Because he screamed and grabbed his hand and they all froze. I then dropped the book and hit him the same way, sending him back about 10 feet into a garage door. And that was the end of it. They picked him up and left. Lots of fun. I still never understood why at least 10-15 of the kids who also got off of the crowded mining bus, ran away, when they had nothing to do with it and were not in any danger? Too bad there were no cell phones back then.
  4. He’s one of the best if you watch his youtubes. His hair is also awesome. Even though you’d only see me rockin that type of mullet at a Halloween party now a days. I did, a long, long time ago keep a similar type hair style back when I was about 12, though. Not exactly, but close to that when it was in style back then.
  5. Unless you are a weight weenie and you have no other choice for reels that are less heavy, the only way a reel over $250 is worth it is dependent on how much you want it.
  6. According to your user info, you’re in Oklahoma. There are people from other places that are used to being treated terribly. Not everyone is as considerate as you are or people from where you live are.
  7. Born in 76 got out of HS in 1994. We did not have computers in school. There were no cell phones. We had computers in my junior high, but all we did was play Oregon trail probably once or twice a month for about an hour. I still took typing class in high school on a typewriter. They had computer classes, which were still new when I was in my second year of college. So if you’re feeling old, just think, it wasn’t until 1996 that they started teaching computers in school. It was between then and when I got out of college that computers became another supply like notebooks, text books and calculators. The computer age started a lot later than it feels like today.
  8. I’ve only been fortunate enough to experience frame flex once. I was using what qualifies as BFS for the technique and the fish (which got away) appeared to be about as big as I am. So in my opinion based on only one experience, I’d say don’t worry about frame flex. Just don’t use a bass rod for big game, either.
  9. All I’m going to say is I routinely fish combos that are over $500 and I rarely ever see others fishing with such expensive gear.
  10. No. It was freezing cold, fishing for blackfish off the coast of New Jersey in about 60-70’ of water. The wind was horrible and it was overcast out, and my hands were covered on crab slime. The kind of weather where you’re nose drips an occasional booger every few minutes, that’s like a single tear, each time, because it’s crying from the freezing.
  11. What difference should any of it make? Once you’re fishing in the dead of winter in the freezing cold with clam juice and crab guts all over your hands, everyone has the equivalent of neuropathy. Never stopped anyone from fishing, so there’s no reason to even think about this. In fact, if you have neuropathy, you won’t have the pain the rest of us do in these conditions, so you’re probably better off 😉
  12. I saw Lucas oil mentioned. Don’t use it. It holds sand and debris better than anything and liquifies in hot weather. I’ve tried it and would never recommend it. I use a light coat of Cals on everything except the plastic gears, which I prefer dry. Oil for the bearings and levelwind only. If you have a problem, just send it out.
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