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Just got the call last night so am picking up the ol girl (TR20...2002) (700 plus hours I'm told on engine) this morning.  It's been almost two weeks so am anxious to say the least.  Had a major oil leak and the starter went out and a couple other little things.  Now....I'm going to reorganize a bit for fall/winter so that it's quicker to clean out after fishing in heavy rain and such.  Soooooo excited to get back on the water.....look out Hill.

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Good to have you back in the game @Oregon Native

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Well.......:).......boat runs well.  When my son shows me again I will post a pic of the sunrise...truly a beauty.  There was an icon (or something) at top of computer page that's now gone and can't figure out how to post pic.  

Anyway....hit the bank with a spinnerbait and a jerk and could tell with this front coming in that things were going to be tough.  I could feel fish bumping but no taking.  Could even see them hit....but only a perch sacrificed himself so down lake I went.  Then the wind and rain really hit....but not real bad.  I was trying to catch fish on a new bait and was getting them to bite .... just not commit.  (homemade whirlyB)  Did get a nice crappie, channel, small bass....but nothing great.  From talking to another boat I was slaying them!!!!!  Oh...well....was awesome to get out.  Oh....58 degree water and watched a big snake swim in front of the boat....thought this was surprising in cooler water and also saw a bobcat walking down an ol road....was cool.  Lots of animal movement....no fishy movement though!!!

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Great news.


I know the bass will be hiding now that they heard the news.


Post pics of your catches.


Enjoy your time on the water.

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Will do once I figure the posting pics again....had it down pretty good but something changed on computer



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