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Tell me about the Daiwa Millionaire Classic UTD

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I'm getting one of these reels for Christmas and I'm pretty excited about it.  Most of the reviews I've read have been short but mostly positive, so I decided on it as a swimbait reel to suit my budget.  I'll be tightening it onto a Daiwa DXSB 8' Heavy.  It will be spooled with a lot of 30# braid to a long leader of 25# mono or 50# fluoro when I eventually hook up with a tarpon on it this coming summer.


Does anyone have any experience with these reels?  Like I said, I'm pretty excited it's going to be in my arsenal soon, but I would like the educated, experienced opinions found here in regard to the reel itself.  Please let me know your thoughts!




Added the picture because I think it looks pretty, and for those not in the know it's  $79.99, 11 pounds of drag so I'll probably be using it cranked close to that, 5.1:1 with 24.5" retrieved per turn, 3 bearings, and 10.9oz for the 250 size.  The 300 size is 11.3oz.


Do I have myself a decent swimbait reel or will I be replacing it?

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I was just looking at that one on Cabelas as the 300 size is on sale for $60 currently. No reviews on Cabelas website. Couldn't really find much info on it online. Like you said reviews are few and far between and mostly positive in the end. 


Maybe somebody will chime in that has actually used one of them?


I'm looking for a reel to go with my Dobyns Fury 795SB rod that should be dropped off today by the USPS.


I'm one of those bargain hunter guys that waits for the DEAL that I can't pass up. I've been looking to get a swimbait combo for a while. I picked up the rod from AmericanLegacy for $78 and some change shipped after a multi discount deal.


Currently looking for the DEAL on the reel. Just haven't found the one yet.









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Well, @kenmitch, I'll let you know how it performs when I get it.  I'm for sure getting one under the tree.  The reel test will come when I put it up against a 4-6' tarpon.  I'll let you know how it fares against those beasts and the salt water as well.


Hopefully someone will chime in, though.

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If you are using it for swimbaits I would strongly suggest, at minimum, using 50# braid. For one the leader knot will be smoother going through the guides of your rod if the diameter of the two lines are as close as they can be (30# braid is probably less than half the diameter of 25lb fluoro), and I guarantee if you backlash mid-cast with a heavy swimbait (even 2-3oz) using 30# braid you will eventually snap your line (the braid) sooner rather than later. The leader will provide some amount of shock absorption but then you're back to the diameter difference and getting hung up on guides as it goes through your rod...which can lead to a backlash, which can snap your line...you get the point. 


The reel itself should work fine. I've never used one but I've heard of other people doing well with them, same with the diawa dx rods.


Good luck with the new setup though!

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@MassYak85 I'm getting pretty good with my gear, but that's an excellent point.  A backlash will most definitely cause a break, because I've had it happen before.  The problem is, I've opted for a 250 sized reel for comfort and really need to have as much line as possible for the runs my salty fish are liable to go on.


I'll also be using this rod and reel to troll for king mackerel, and I'll definitely need 300 yards, at least, for that.


You're right though, I'll eventually cast off a swimbait.  As far as the leader getting hung up on guides, the FG knot largely eliminated that for me long ago.

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