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Chris at Tech

fishfinder purchasing advice

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Hey all,

I'm considering upgrading to a color fishfinder from my current Humminbird 535.

I've played with the settings A TON, and I'm just not terribly satisfied with the results.  Reading through grass is always tricky.  That, and I like the pretty colors on the nicer ones ;)

So with that said, does anyone have any advice on this?  I fish out of a jonboat on smaller waters around Atlanta -- so as much as I'd like the Humminbird 1197SI, I think having electronics that cost more than the boat is a bit overkill :)

Ideas?  Suggestions?  Lowrance?  Eagle?  A different Humminbird?  I'm hoping to stay around $500 or less.

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C@T...I have a Lowrance LMS-520c on the bow. I really love the unit. It has great resolution, easy to use, and is priced right in your budget (with out the gps module). I also have an older lowrance unit at the console, it's a lx-17m (monochrome). I can dicifer weeds better with the monochrome unit, but I have not had my 520 long enough to conclude that for sure. The color unit is definetly, IMO, better at defining the bottom (hard vs soft) and marks fish better. Not to mention the color variations add to the ease of use.

I hope this helps you out some.


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I have 3 depthfinders running out on a 14' jon and an 11' jon baot.  I have more invested in electronics than the boats.  I have a Lowrance LMS522C IGPS it is a color graph and I love it.  Worth every penny even at full retail price.  I also have a Hummingbird Matrix 47 3D and a Hummingbird  PiranhaMax 220.  Both Hummingbirds are black and white.  I havent used the Matrix that much but the PiranhaMax works really well and it only costs $100.  

If you want a color graph then go for it especially if you are fishing some deeper water.  

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I use a lowrance m68c unit on my jon boat it costs around $400.00, it is a color unit with gps so for the money it is a good unit.

you can go to the lowrance web site and download their unit simulators to see which is best for you.

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