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Fluoro Leader Length?

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Line stretches when force exceeds its yield strength and nearly all single filament fishing line has between  30% to 35% yield to it’s tensile strength. 
You are correct it takes about 3 1/2 lbs to reach the yield strength of 10# single filament including Nylon, Nylon blends or copolymers and fluorocarbon.

So set your reel drag at 1/3 the line tensile Strength you will experience very little no line stretch.

Coefficient of drag going through water is higher with Nylon line then Fluorocarbon line plus Nylon is lighter weight and tends to float whereas fluorocarbon is heavier and tend to sink. Mono then has a convex upward bow in the between the rod tip when lures sink or dive. FC line has the opposite concave downward bow but still a bow.

To experience the force of line drag cutting through water run just the line without a lure about 100’ behind your boat at the fast walking speed then make a slow side turn so the line in the wake tried to straighten the bow out created by the turn. Going straight you have pressure on the rod bending it. Making the turn the pressure increases because the line is to cutting through more water. Do the same with FC the pressure is less because the coefficient of drag is less.

What you feel as stretch is the bow straightening out.

Fishing for very fast swimming fish they create a big bow in fact you have your drag set and the fish pulling off line running a different direction then line is coming off the bent rod. This common with very fast fish.

bass are not fast straight line swimmers and tend to change direction but still fast enough to create line bow underwater, as you put more force on the fish the straightens out. 
If you exceed the line yield strength starts to stretch until it reaches it’s ultimate strength and fails.

Nylon mono is more elastic then FC therefore doesn’t yield and stay stretched FC doesn’t recover from yielding stays stretched and weakened.

Test where force is applied over minutes all single filament line will yield from time over force or cold flow as all plastics do this unless reinforced with high strength fibers.

Totally confused?

Try tying 10’ if mono line to an infinite mass that doesn’t move. Apply pressure with a scale until you feel the line stretch getting longer the 10’. The force will be about 30%/35% of the line strength. No lure can create that force.



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I was an old school power fisherman before joining this forum, jig & pig mainly.


As I became educated here with finesse fishing and the many threads regarding leaders I found holy grail with rod length leaders.

I fish very clear water and it works....,. it's non negotiable and non debatable 😂

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I do 15 lb flour leader to braid, spinning or casting about 7 feet.

I tie the Alberto, it hasn't failed yet. I do not allow the knot to go on the reel.But what I do is apply a micro drop of superglue and use accelerator. It forms a thin skin of plastic on the knot and easily slides through the guides. Learned this from Roland Martin!

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3 hours ago, little giant said:

But what I do is apply a micro drop of superglue and use accelerator. It forms a thin skin of plastic on the knot and easily slides through the guides.

Pardon my ignorance, but what is an accelerator? I tried the superglue, but hated the sound the knot made going through the guides.

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1 hour ago, papajoe222 said:

Pardon my ignorance, but what is an accelerator?

Causes the CA (super glue) to instantly set rather than having to wait 20-45-90 seconds.

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