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Vibe Makana 100?

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Just heard about this boat, only available for pre-order at the moment. $1600 for a pedal fishing kayak that weighs only 55-77 pounds? Sounds like a nice option, just wish it was longer than 10'. The video on their youtube has footage of people standing and fishing in it too, 33" wide doesn't seem too bad. Thoughts/opinions?





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the numbers look good.  55lb seems like something I can hork over my head and walk down a trail.


not sure about standing in a 33" wide boat.  I stood in my friends Native 10.5 and it was fine, but I think it is wider than 33.

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I think the size depends upon the bodies of water that you fish and the distance you travel on the water. If you're making long distance treks, the improved tracking of a larger kayak might be important to you.


I fish on a big lake with a lot of traffic and with all of the wakes I encounter stability is important. My Seastream Angler 120 PD is 12'3" long and 35" wide and very stable - but it still feels tiny out there.


That being said, the kayak and pedal drive alone weigh in at 119 pounds. Add my fishfinder, battery, accessories, crate, cooler, and gear and I'm at 150+ pounds. Oh - and I have a trolling motor and 100mAH batter I haven't even set up on it yet.


Weight has become an issue for me, especially because I'm usually launching my kayak from my hotel and hauling it up and down a large hill. I've started leaving my crate behind and bringing just a few Plano boxes to save weight. So I would definitely be interested in shaving off 50 pounds if I found a stable replacement.


I don't stand on my kayak because, as I said, I'm usually fighting wakes all day. But the other factor is that if I get into a fish while standing I'm worried I'll either end up in the water or bark my shin on the pedal drive.


I saw the video of the Vibe and the guy standing on his seat and fishing. I also saw what looked like a near stumble. 


Knowing what I know now about how heavy my kayak is and hauling it around, I'd consider the Vibe if I was in the market for a new kayak.

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My Lifetime Yukon is only 32" wide, and I have no problems standing up on it.  That being said, I'm in my mid 40's and only weigh about 175 lbs.  It took me a while to get used to standing, but after a few trips, it's second nature.  However, stability has as much to do with hull design as width.  So while 33" won't be ultra stable, it might be fine if you're in good shape and have good balance.  


The 10' foot gives me slight concern.  It might be okay.  But the shorter the kayak, the harder it is to push through the water.  But if you're in good shape, then that's just exercise.  I'd worry more if it were just a paddle kayak.  

I'm guessing it's 55lbs unloaded and 75lbs with the seat and peddles?  That doesn't sound too bad.  But the problem with a kayak being too light is the only way to do that is to make the walls thinner, and thus the kayak less durable.  Still, 55lbs for a 10' kayak isn't ridiculous.  But I'd still want to check the thickness of the walls before committing if I were you.  I know some of the cheaper kayaks have problems with people's seats collapsing the walls from normal use, or kayaks bending while in storage or transport.  So I'd feel better about double checking that out.  There is an advantage to a heavy kayak, which is why a lot of the higher end ones aren't very light.  

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Hull width isn't as much a factor in standing as is hull design and your own balance.  I used to stand and fish from a redfish12 which was like 30" wide and same with my commander 120.  Both same width but the commander hull design made standing in it much more stable.


I'd personally never get a 10' kayak unless it was for rougher river use and needed extra maneuverability.  The weight is nice for sure but I always take those numbers with a grain of salt anyways as how that weight is distributed makes a difference in transporting and carrying etc.


If i wanted a pedal kayak i would probably look at it, because well, why not but I'd rather paddle than pedal and motorize over both if the situation is suited for a motor.  Give me a good paddling kayak with a motor over a pedal kayak any day.  

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