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Replacing fenders on 1999 Ranger R83 trailer

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Hi all -


Long time lurker/reader, but this is my first time posting.


I am a kayak angler who does plenty of tournament trails. I have been on the market for a while now trying to find a trailer that I can customize to fit my needs (after using a bed extender for quite a few years).


The other day, my neighbor offered me an incredible deal on his old trailer (from a 1999 Ranger R83) after upgrading to an EZ Loader tandem-axle.


The only issue with the trailer is that the fenders are in desperate of replacing. I have looked at all the major websites but cannot find an exact match for the fenders.


The trailer is a single-axle and has 14-inch wheels. The measurements of the current fenders are:


30 3/4'' long

12 3/8'' tall

8 1/2'' wide


The closest match I can find are these fenders from etrailer: https://www.etrailer.com/Trailer-Fenders/etrailer/HP22VR.html


It is listed as 31 inches long, 12 3/4" tall, and  9'' wide.


My question is this: are these fenders likely to fit without much problem since they are ALMOST identical in dimensions?



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I can't say for sure, but if I were in your shoes, I'd buy them and make them work.  You might have to flex the metal a hair and drill some new holes, but I'd take the gamble.  They're not really structural pieces, so I'd assume you can get away with a less than perfect fit, if you're not too concerned with aesthetics.  

But I've also never messed with trailer fenders before, so there might be something I don't know that would come back to haunt me.  


What's wrong with the old fenders?  If they're just rusted a bit, it might be worth repairing them.  A wire brush, drill, and rattle can can go a long way.  Even if they've got some minor holes in them, they might still work.  And you can often fix minor holes with JB Weld and some scrap steel.  I mean, if you're not too concerned about the looks.  Or go without fenders, depending on your state's laws and any laws of the states you plan to travel to.  

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Sounds like a pretty close match. I personally would go for it. A little massage here and there and I think you’d be good to go. 
Good luck and welcome aboard the forum.

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Ranger would be the place to buy replacement fenders for their trailers,

but unfortunately they don’t make them for trailers that old. A friend had a fender damaged on a 2000 Ranger Trailer. He took the trailer to a fiberglass shop and had it repaired. Take it to a local fiberglass repair shop and get an estimate. It might be close in price compared to buying the new fender and doing modifications. 

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