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    Between 12-13 lbs
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    Finger lakes, Lake Toho, Harris chain, Dale hollow, St. Lawrence
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    Family, fishing and hunting are my passions

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  1. Nothing is theft proof, but there’s some precautions that can deter. Remove the handle from the crank, back the boat up close to a permanent object, lock what you can. If my boat is unplugged from my truck the truck alarm sounds.
  2. Yeah but maybe he stayed at a Holiday inn express the night before 😁
  3. Side scan Humminbird hands down. I’m a big proponent of having all my units linked together. I run 4 birds all Ethernet together along with my TM. On another note. Nice looking Skeeter …
  4. Great job Andy…congrats 👏👏👏👏👏👏
  5. Welcome back Bob… I think the bait monkey read your post, he’s been smiling big time.
  6. What can I say 👏👏👏👏👏
  7. Same as @Dwight Hottle 0 to 10. Fully decked out 21’ glass boat with 4 birds, mega live, mega 360, power poles, Ultrex I pilot . But my most enjoyable fishing is hiking in the mountains with a ultra light and a few lures or fishing a mountain pond with no pressure and just enjoying nature.
  8. Here in north central Pa. We have 2 Army corp of engineer and 1 state park lake they have no H.P. Restrictions and no fees. Then there’s quit a few PGC lakes that are electric only with no fees. Our 2 biggest lakes within the state Raystown lake and lake Wallenpaupack no fees at the public ramps. So far we’re lucky.
  9. She’s an albino. She’s 8 yrs. old. Been hanging around our property since she was a fawn. @Bird that’s a close up of her.
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