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Show your ride...

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Don't know if it's been done lately, but show your ride, and any other pertinent info.

See where this goes.

Mines a 1997 Stratos 282 DC with a 175 Johnson FastStrike.

Was windsheildless in this pic, because they both were broken in a freak act of stupidity...don't ask!

The boat is named: "Skoolzout" ( I am a teacher Health and PE)

I also have on the back left side: Psalms 118:24

What do you got?


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Very Nice.. Thanks for the post.  If we all post there could be thousands of awesome boat pics here....come on guys......just do it!!!

"Kinda annoying i know, just thought this would be a cool picture post thread..."


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2003 Ranger 185vs Intracoastal Edition with Yammy 150 Vmax, goes 58MPH with 2-200lbs Fishermen, 30 gallons gas, and fishing gear.  Not a speed demon, but plenty fast for me.  Also, own a 14' tracker with an Evinrude 9.9 Kicker, perfect for the small canals and ponds in S. Fla.


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dont know if my boats nice enough to be posted here but its all i need

10 ft pontoon style pelican bass raider 40 lb thrust motor swivel seats

Does it float ?

Do you catch fish?

Do you and your kids have fun?

Then its good enough to post here

that's a great boat and the best thing you don't have a boat payment like some of us

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