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Your favorite Tube, Grub Combo- Jighead Style???

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Just thought I'd see what you guys are using- I fish for a lot of smallmouth hence the tube/grub question.

My favorite is this baitcasting combo;

6'8" Kistler Magnesium TS MH Fast Action with a Shimano 1001MG Scorpion reel "yep lefty"(moded with a carbon fiber Bassart reel handle). Super light and sensitive package

- I like to use 1/8 to 1/4oz jigheads with hook exposed on Tubes and Grubs- 6 to 10lb flourocarbon line depending on where I am at ;)- great combo thought I'd share it

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for smallies I typically use 1/4-3/16 head with a 4" tube or grub.

I just cant use baitcasting tackle where I smallie fish.  Just doesnt seem right for some reason.

Rod  7'1" BSR glx

Reel sustain 2000

Line 8lb fluro

That is the smallie buster for me.

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Great setups, gents. Mine are just a bit cheaper.

I don't fish for smallmouth very often. Wish I could; they are great fighters. I do use a lot of tubes, jigworms, and some grubs. Jigs sizes are mostly 1/16 and 1/8, but I'll go heavier if conditions dictate.

The main setup is a 6'9" ML BPS Finesse rod with Johnny Morris reel spooled with 10lb XL. This rod has either a jigworm or a tube tied on almost all the time. The second rig is a 7'2" Airrus spinning rod and Daiwa Capricorn reel spooled with 8lb test Sufix Elite. That line is clear green, and very hard to see underwater. I can cast a 1/16oz jig/3" grub combo about the same distance with either rig.

I tend to favor the baitcaster, but I'll go to the spinning rod, with the stealthy line, when the water is really clear and/or the bite is tough.



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St Croix Lenend Elite 6'8 Med X-Fast with a Team Daiwa Sol

But I'm picking up a St Croix Legend Elite 7'0 Med Fast with a Team Daiwa Sol this weekend so that might change.

99% of the time I use 1/8oz head with 6lb

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