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Robert B

What Type of Line for Clear Water?

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I'm going to be fishing in our company tournament in April at Bull Shoals, AR.

The last time I was there I was amazed how clear the water was. Needless to say I wasn't prepared and didn't do very well.

I typically fish in the upper part of the LOZ where the water is muddy to stained.

I've heard that light line 6 8 lb test in light green color works best. Are there any brands that fit that description? How about the Vanish Clear will that work?

I'm looking to be doing a lot of C-rigging and deep cranks.

Last but not least what type of line would work best, mono fluorocarbon?



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I would NOT recommend Vanish, but 6-8 lb fluorocarbon or copolymer is a good idea for finessee fishing at Bull Shoals. For "power fishing" a thicker line will be okay. I fish Yo-Zuri Hybrid Ultra Soft on spinning tackle, #12 on baitcasting gear.

I had my "best ever" fishing days on Bull Shoals fishing 3 1/2"  Mizmo Gitzit (Kent's Classic, squash green). I would also recommend fishing jerkbaits in low light.  If you are staying near the dam, visit Big Red's Bait & Tackle in Lakview. You can also buy beer and liquor a couple of blocks down the road.

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Seaguar does make very good flouro. though a little expensive, in my opinion.  Go that route if you're gonna use flouro.  Personally, I never use flouro. as my main line.  My c-rig is 50 lb. sufix braid and I use flouro. or Yo Zuri in 12-15 lb test (original formula) as leader.

For cranks, I would use a good mono.  I like Sufix Seige and Elite.  

I don't know about your clear lake issue because I have never fished a clear lake in NC but I'm sure if you down-size your line size a bit and use a good flouro. leader, you'll be fine.

Good luck.


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Thanks all. I placed an order for the Yo-Zuri Hybrid Ultra Soft today in 8 lb test.

I'll also try the jerk baits too.

I was going to keep my C-rig at 25 lb and use the 8 lb leader but use it on my crank rod.

I'm going to be ready "this time". I was embarrass the last time I was there and that wasn't a good feeling.

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Very interesting. I wish I had a nickle for every negative comment I've read lately about Vanish. I've been using it regularly on 4 of my rigs, in various test ratings, for over 3 seasons now. Have never had a problem with casting, knot failure or lost fish, which I can contribute directly to this line. Maybe it's because I'm such a great fisherman?  ;D LOL! Seriously, I'll continue fishing Vanish, thank you kindly. Oh, and I'll be saving some bucks in doing so as well.  :o

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