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Question? What Would You Use???

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Hey all...

Winter has set in no doubt and we all await spring and ice out. While we're hanging around, I figured I'd get a thread going to keep our minds sharp and learn a little too!!

What rod, reel, and line would/do you use for?




Soft plastics

Topwaters (Thanks!! avid)....and

If you had to use only one rod, reel, and particular line for all the above, what would it be??

Let's hear it!!!!!


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Guest avid

Ice out?

Isn't that what you do just before making the margarita's ?

Anyway, to answer your question.

For crankin I use a St. Croix legend tournament TB68mxf./Daiwa TD-Z

for Froggin I use a Loomis BCR804GLX/upgraded Daiwa Sol

don't use spinnerbaits much, but depending on the weight and the rods in the boat at the time it could be either the St. croix mentioned above, or a loomis MBR783GLX/TD-Z, or Loomis BSR852GLX/daiwa steez spinning reel.

soft plastics.  way to broad a category.  For flippin I use a BCR875GLX/TD-Z (LH).  for little flukes i use the spinning rod, for senko's the 783, For Plastic worms and jigs a St. Croix Legend elite EC66MHF/TD-Z

You left out a very important category

Topwaters.  I use a Loomis MBR782GLX/daiwa fuego LH

I use 50# power pro on all my baitcasters.  If conditions require it, I use a leader, typically 15# berkley big game.  On the spinning rod which I also use for dropshotting and for flukes/sluggo's I use 20lb power pro with 8# BPS fluorocarbon as a leader.    

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Shimano® Calcutta® reel for all techniques

Berkley Big Game 15# test for all techniques

Either Shimano® Calcutta® or Crucial® rods for all techniques

If I had only one to use it would be a Shimano® Calcutta® CT100A reel spooled with Berkley Big Game 15# test on a Shimano® Crucial® CRC-X610MH

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If I only had one rig for everything:

G. Loomis MBR844C/ Shimano Calais 200/ Yo-Zuri Hybrid Ultra Soft #12.


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