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The "Family" Just Got BIGGER

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I've been wanting you guys to meet my children for some time, I figures now's the best time. Please don't mind them, the smaller ones just make faces for the camera & if you look close enough, you can see that one of them blinked! ;)

Aren't they total cuties??? I'm SUCH a PROUD Papa!!! Here's their pics & names:


On top left to right: Shimano Cardiff CDF301, Cardiff CDF101, Calcutta CT51

On the bottom left to right: Curado 301DSV (new big brother), Curado 201DHSV, Curado 101D

And here's some more siblings, just look at them all smile!


Left to right: Shimano Stradic 2500FI, Saros 1000F, Symetre 1500FI, & Symetre 750FI

Oops, almost forgot the step child, yeah he's pouting, cuz he's just a little different from his siblings:


Daiwa Zillion TDZLN100HLA

They've all been wanting to go out & play, but the weather SUX right now. They'll just have to wait to play in the water for another month. I reckon when they go out & play, they'll play rough w/ the fishes! ;D

I'm so glad they got their mother's good looks! :)

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aww cool, congrats! now be a good parent and put them to work..don't let them vegitate. (but really nice collection)

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Man you are sick.  ;)

Nice collection. Do you mind telling me where and how much did you get the calcutta  51 for? I was looking for one for my gf because she said "it is cute".

How do you like the new stradic vs the saros? Dont you just love the new "power" handles?

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Got the Calcutta 51 a couple years ago when this place had them on clearance.  The new Calcutta model doesn't have a left hand 51 model...which I was hoping for.  I'll tell you this much, I paid much less than the retail price!  The place doesn't have anymore of these reels.  This reel is hard to find...now.  I don't know, I've been thinking of selling it, since I hardly have used it since I bought it...

The Stradic & Saros are both nice reels.  I haven't fished w/ either one cuz as I said, the weather SUCKS!  More snow is falling right now...no play time for me or for the kids.  But I do like the smoothness of these reels.  I would like to find out how well they will handle fish fighting, which I would think both would be top notch fish butt kickers!

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I love the little Calcutta 50's... Here's mine!


Awesome little work horse of a reel and smooth as silk!

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Fish Tank, I was thinking the same thing about the Zillion.

I do have 3 other Daiwa baitcast reels & a Revo S-L, but they are from last year & so on. Also a BPS Extreme baitcast reel. I'll be adding to the family about 3 Daiwa spinning reels also.

I'm looking to upgrade most of my rods also in the next few weeks.

As of now the Shimano Cumara b/c rod & Compre spinning rods are the new ones. I'm looking to getting a couple Carrot Stix, Falcon Cara, All Star ASR & Cabelas Magtouch.

I'll be set for the season & so on!

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