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bass wrangler569

Chronarch MG or Curado E7

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I cant decide which reel to buy. The chronarch MG is on sale right now but I've also heard awesome things about the new curado. I'm leaning towards getting the MG before they're replaced and just getting the curado down the road. What do you guys think, which is the better reel?

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Well, I don't have a Curado E7, but all I have heard is good!

I'm sure you would be very happy with this reel. On the other

hand, I have a a Metanium and domestic Chronarch, as well

as a Core, Calais and two CTE200GT. Thes are all fine reels,

but my recommendation is still something slightly different.

I think the CH50MG is the best value. I like the size for bass fishing

and they seem to be built like a tank! Everyone I have ever know

that fishing this reel has been pleased, very pleased.



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get the 50mg...for the silly prices they have on them now, it's a no-brainer.

the e7 is a sweet little reel and, in my hands, a bit more all-around...but, a year from now, they'll still be available.

for what you can do with the 50mg, you'd have to spend quite a bit more for a jdm (pixy, presso, conquest).

there is great rumor shimano will soon release a newer version in a curado e frame...if it matches the capabilities of the original, this can be a good thing.

that said, lightning rarely strikes twice...

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i have both reels

the curado is a stronger reel holds more line and can use heavier lures

if u want a super light reel for small to mid size lures the mg is ur reel

if u want a reel to throw any and everything and not worried about weight then the curado is your reel

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