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Money Saving Equipment Advice

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I have been on a bit of a binge in recent months, buying a few

rods and reels that I don't need! The Bait Monkey disagrees, he

claims. "If you want it, you need it."

Anyhow, all my major purchases have been made through the Flea

Market with other BassResource.com members. I think (hope) they

have been as happy with their sales as I have been with my purchases.

Prices paid have generally been 50-60% of retail and I have had just

one issue which was resolved quickly.

Before you go somewhere else, check the Flea Market frequently.

Step two is working with our sponsors directly or buying their gear

at your favorite retailer. Please post comments, too. I know all of

our advertisers appreciate hearing from us.

p.s. Special thanks to Bantam1 who helped both me and a seller

get out of a pickle.

Good luck!

-Kent a.k.a. roadwarrior


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Amen to that!  I haven't done much business buying and selling here, but in the past, I've had GREAT success dealing with forum "Flea Market" boards.  I even bought one of cameras and several high end lenses through a forum.  The experience was always good, and I even made a few friends along the way.  My Oneida trip was one of those experiences.  I bought a bunch of old Wiggle Warts from a gentleman on a local board.  We ended up chatting on the phone, he ended up sending me a bunch of reels, and two weeks later we shared a spectacular day on Oneida, along with his father.

Anyway, I've seen some screaming deals on our Flea Market.  I only wish funds were a little more fluid for me right now.

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Good Post and thanks RW to looking out for those of us on smaller budgets;

Some experience from me

I have 4 Pflueger Trions LP that I bought here , none for more than 45 bucks. They all are working fine, and I am sending them out this winter for some service to keep them up

I have bought on the Flea Market

Fenwick Rods: all in great condition, none more than 60 bucks shipped

A few AllStars

3 ABU reels that needed minimum maintenance ( Less than 20 each!!!)

Cart7 is a a great source to steer you to good BPS reels used.

I have had only one BAD DEAL. it was the buyer and not the product

Some House Brands I have been satisfied with


BPS Extreme Reels, I have not tried the newer ABU style yet

BPS Pro Qualifier: the old one was A Plfueger Supreme in disguise

BPS Dave Fritts Cranking reel

Cabelas Prodigy: I only used up to the old silver Pinnacle type, was very pleased with it,I even sent them to LBH to use and he sent them back to me, if they were not on the bottom of a lake I will still use them!

Cabelas Tournament Zx ; One sale for 50 now, excellent reel for that money

ZX HS, The old HS model with metal frame; I have not used the new one

ONE BAD EXPERIENCE; BPS EXTREME SPINNING REEL; It was horrible and I sent it back!


Cabelas Fish Eagle II; All but one are all I fish Excellent and I got em for 30 bucks each! ( Old Handle) they frequently go on sale buy one , get 2nd 1/2 price

Cableas Tournament IM 7 a bit heavy for me

BPS Extreme; A bit heavy but great rods, especially when paired with a reel on sale!!!!!!!

BPS Johnny Morris Signature: my only non Fish Eagle II, got it for 60 bucks here

All Star Spinning rod: soon to become a Fish Eagle II

Other Stuff well worth it and on a budget

Fenwick Eagle GT rods

Fenwick HMX; you can get them on Amazon for killer prices I had one delivered for 40 buck, new and perfect condition


Bait casting TRION, what else can I say. I love them.

Spinning: I love the Presidents, I just gave the last one I had away, the guy I gave it to sleeps with it now!

I am currently down to one spinning outfit and that has a TRION and I am more than pleased with it


They sell discounted and reconditioned reels I have a Trion Spinning reel , I bought warranted and reconditioned for 25 bucks and it is still working fine after a lot of use

***; Last but not least. They will treat you right, prices are spectacular and products the best and they sponsor this site.

I hope this info helps someone

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