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Rod Handle Question

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Yes it is...

But it will take a pro builder to do the job and it won't be cheap....

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If this is your first attempt at a project like this, I'd recommend splitting the cork that's on it. The other way is much more involved to be done right.

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Of course it CAN be done, the question is "Is it reasonable?"  It's a lot of work to remove a cork handle (particularly the epoxy under it!) and you have to be careful not to damage the rod blank while doing it.  Then you have the issue of the blank's taper.  It's larger at the butt than at the reel seat.  On some rods, you might be able to get EVA you can force over the butt and still be small enough to fit snugly behind the reel seat.  If not, you have to remove the reel seat and most of the guides and basically rebuild the rod from scratch because the EVA will need to be installed from the rod tip.  Whichever route you take, the blank area between the new split grip and the butt cap will be ragged looking and will need to be refinished.  For me, it would take a very special rod to warrant that amount of work and I'd have to be VERY sure the new EVA grip would be a big improvement in both looks and performance.

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I agree with all above.

You may get lucky and will be able to install from the butt section, but that sounds like a roll of the dice if you never done it before and may have to go from the tip-top down. If you do get the handle back on, do you plan on leaving the cork foregrip?

Just to give you an idea, I refurbished 2 rods complete and built 4. The 2 re-furbished took twice a long as building new.

Good luck to you if you attempt this project, just remember, spend as much time as you can preparing and cleaning the blank prior to installing. Your patience will be rewarded.

Check this thread, there is a lot of informative info on here to help you make your decision or installing the grip.


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