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Advice on Guntersville, please

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I'm going to the Big G Thanksgiving weekend for the 1st time.

We'll be staying in a cabin right at Comer Bridge across the river from Scottsboro, and we'll most likely spend most of our time between Mud Creek and South Sauty.

I am studying maps and have gleaned info from several websites, forums, etc, but would appreciate any reports from you North Alabama guys who might be fishing the G in the next week, either via post or PM.

Other than "find grass, find bass", any pattern help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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this may be a repeat. I am not sure if the first went through.

I was attempting to send some feedback on Guntersville.

I have a friend tht was there last week and caught a lot of fish on the Series 3 Sexy Shad crankbait around the Goosepond area.

That is the lake that made that color famous by KVD.

Goose pond is just south of Comer bidge.

The grass is thinning on the lake. Our club was there a couple of weeks ago. Some did well waking a spinnerbait and others caught fish on buzz baits.

Expect clear water near the river. You should find a little color back off the river. No mud or heavy stain.

Red traps are good options as well.

The water temp should be around 58-60 degrees.

I live about one and half hours away. We have been catching fish on topwater on other area lakes so I would give that a try as well.

I hope this was helopful. This is my first post on this site so I am unfamiliar with the navigation. If you have questions feel free to give me a call. I have a friend who lives there and may have some current info. 256-452-8090.

Good Luck,


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Slingblade, welcome aboard.

You may not know (maybe you do) that there are a bunch of us coming down to fish Guntersville at the end of March.

Any info you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Shoot me a PM sometime.


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Welcome aboard!

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Thanks, slingblade, and welcome!

Unfortunately, as you know, the weather is gonna turn nasty Friday. We'll be out there braving the elements anyway!

My guess is that the bass will pull back to the 10-15 ft range (or to the nearest drop) and the bite will be TOUGH. We're gonna start in the creeks (may have to stay there due to the wind!) and work our way deeper if nothing's happening shallow. I just hope they'll hit moving lures or we'll have to "lower" ourselves to finesse fishing! haha

But NOT catching fish on Guntersville beats NOT catching them in Chickamauga! The fish have been in a real funk here lately!

Take care, and maybe we'll see ya on the G in March!

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