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Dale Hollow lake

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I was looking for some tips for Dale Hollow for around March 15 this year.  I am going to be fishing my first club tournament down there and was just wanting to get a heads up at what I will be looking at and needing to do.


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Dale Hollow is noted for two things: "large smallmouth bass" and "clear water".

In spite of the large bronzebacks there, most anglers on Dale Hollow use very light line, as low as 4-lb test if you can stand it.

If I'm not mistaken, March is a very good month, although my favorite is right around Thanksgiving (especially if snow is flying).

At least in the springtime the bronzebacks are much shallower than at any other time of year. Good Luck!


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That time of year, the fish should be moving up on the flats to spawn, but most will still be in pre-spawn mode on secondary points in the creeks and coves.

A suspending jerkbait is probably the best way to scout for fish there in March. You can also probe the points and comb the flats with a Carolina Rig, swim a hiar fly, and also swim a grub on a 3/16 oz head.

The upper end has more color and more largemouth. Up there, a floating worm, senko, and jig catch a lot of fish around willows and laydowns (depends on water level).

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