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Daniel My Brother

Girl Scouts, Camping, and a NEW PB!

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What a blast!

We took my daughter's Girl Scout troop camping at a friend's farm last night.

This farm has a small lake that's known for great bluegill fishing, big crappie, and a few monster bass.

We were lucky enough to experience all three!

For the first 4 hours my job was to bait hooks, take pictures, and clean fish.

Here's my 10 year old with one of the many fine bluegill she caught.


Here's a closeup of the fish (please note, I call all sunfish bluegill because I don't know any better)


Here's my 8 year old on the right with a basket of fish she and her friends caught (That's me cleaning fish in the background...I miss my electric knife!)


Here's a closeup of their catch, good times!


Here's a girl holding a fish the right way (Close to the camera!) one of many 12" crappie that were caught.


After a big fried fish dinner, and songs around the fire, the girls fell asleep hard. I knew my best chance to fish without interuption would mean getting up at first light, and being quiet.

I snuck out of the cabin at 5am and started throwing a 5" watermelon / black flake Tiki Stick. Immediately I started catching fish, but none much bigger than a pound. Oh well, still fun.

Then I hooked into this girl! I was thrilled to see her weigh in at 7lbs 4oz!!!

A NEW PB (after YEARS of trying!)


Check out her belly!


And finally, my new avatar! If you look closely you'll see a line coming out of her gill. She obviously swallowed a hook recently, and only the line and a small splitshot remained. I removed the splitshot and set her free to be caught another day.


Thank you for looking!

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what a fine trip!!  pb's are great.  congrats big time. :)

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Congratulations.  Very nice fish.

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Great post and a fine fish.



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Thanks for the comments. My 8 year old actually skipped a birthday party so that she could go fishing! There really just isn't anything the girls like more than watching that bobber go under.

As far as my big bass, it was pure blind luck.  I was having a blast catching 15" fish in a stocked pond, when a big one just happened by.

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Daniel, congratulations!  That's a beautiful fish.  Perfect dimensions on that Baby.  

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