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Memorial Day at Hunting Run Reservoir

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Took at trip out to Hunting Run Reservoir this Memorial Day. New body of water for me, no electronics so I was keying in on visual structure and cover. Overcast day with a slight wind every once in a while, so I thought I'd be slaying the fish all day! WRONG!

We fished along the shore to the right of the ramp all the way to the third cove and caught nothing but a few punk bass and some annoying small pickerel. After giving up on the abundant submerged brush and trees that should have been a haven for bass I decided to motor on down to the d**n and fish the rip rap.

Just as we got there the wind really picked up against the rip rap and I knew we'd get on some fish. For once I was right! We landed a quick half dozen 1-2 pounders using Yellow Perch X-Rap Shads bouncing off the rocks. After 20 minutes the wind died off and so did the bite.

Vindication finally came! With the frustration mounting at an all time high, not a word was said in about 45 minutes besides colorfull four letter expletives when getting hung up or the occasional birds nest. Then I spotted this small clump of isolated green emergent veg off this main lake point. So I picked up my Okeechobee Craw colored Rage Tail Space Monkey with a 1/4oz Tru Tungsten flipping weight pegged to a EWG 5/0 Gamma dipped in JJ's. I patiently waited until I was in the right position to make a accurate flip to it, all the while praying my partner in the front of the boat wouldn't cast to it and spook the fish that I knew in my gut was sitting there waiting to ambush so poor baitfish. Just when the boat reached a good distance I laid that Space Monkey within an inch of the leeward side of that clump of veg. I let it fall on slack line all the way to the bottom, engaged the spool and barely lifted my rod tip and I felt the slightest "tick, tick" on the line. I lowered the rod, reeled up the slack and set that hook like nobody's business! I thought for a second that I just hooked into one hell of a log cause it didn't move and I was on the verge of cussing my head off again until the water erupted. That fish leaped a clear foot in the air thrashing its head back and forth.

My buddy was more excited that I was as he screamed out "Holy S*#$!" After that I did everything by the book! Kept that line tight and fought him for a minute back to the boat. It wasn't a trophy fish but it was the best fish of the year for me so far, and considering the day I was having I was happy. So happy in fact that I celebrated Mike Iaconelli style when I got that fish in the boat! Screaming and "WooHoo-in" as loud as I could! HAHAHA! Here she is:


My buddy was impress as I pulled another bass out of the next clump and requested to know what the hell I was doing and wanted in on the action. So I rigged him up with a June Bug Rage Tail Lizard on a 1/8oz weighted swimbait hook, rubbed some MegaStrike on it and he pulled this one out of some greenery too!


So after a rough day, we ended feeling pretty good about ourselves! ;D

That is until the trolling motor battery died on us in the middle of a storm that just rolled in, so we ended up rowing back soaking wet! >:(

*A shout out to the fellas that helped out a bit with a tow! Thanks Guys!

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Too cool!

Nice fish.


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Memorial Day....friends fishing and enjoying the fruits of our forefathers. It's GREAT to be an American.  ;)   nice fish and photos and glad you two had a nice time,

Big O


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