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Mrs. Matstone

Shad and Space monkey... 2 different trips

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Well my husband has been trying to get me to do some night fishing for some time now and yesterday was the day. We arrived at the lake and I had no idea what to use to fish at night so I decided to put on a rage tail shad. I figured this bait makes a lot of noise and I was hoping that would help me. At the very least it let me know where my bait was since I couldn't see anything. lol

Decided to start off in about 3-5 feet of water, a little "pathway" between some lily pads and a weedbed. A few casts later I heard a splash and felt a tug. I then started hoping that it was a fish on the other end because I could not see a thing and I know their are a lot of ducks around this place. ;D Luckily I was right and it was a fish. I could not have been happier.

My first night fishing bass! ;D


In the end I found that night fishing was alot of fun but came with a whole new set of challenges too.

1. bats

2. removing a hook you can't see

3. removing loops in your line

I am sure there is a few more that I have not yet discovered too. ;D


Today my uncle gave me a call and he wanted to do some fishing so we headed to one of my new favorite honeyholes. The sky was very overcast, it was drizzling a little and we were expecting some thunderstorms... PERFECT fishing weather in my book.

Started off fishing around the pads and it was not 5 minutes we were there and my uncle had the first fish of the day. I was hoping it was gonna be a good sign.. ;D I believe he caught his on a senko.


Not too long after that I was casting out into a small cove in between 2 sets of pads with a space monkey in my newly discovered FAVORITE color for overcast days... JUNEBUG! ;D I fished this behind a split shot and it seemed to do the trick for me again. I still can't believe how well this color works for this particular place.

My space monkey fish


Little while later the bite died down a little so I changed it up again and this time threw the big anaconda. Upsizing the bait seemed to work because I landed a few more on that as well. Here is one of them.


The worst thing about this whole day was I was so excited about my new fish and I could not get the pic of the new fish on the computer so now I had to wait for my husband to get home and have him do it. Only problem was I was not supposed to be fishing. :-[ Needless to say I was busted. :'(

I hope you guys have been out fishing too and I also hope your not gonna get in trouble for it like me. ;D

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You go girl!  With fish like that I'm sure Matt will understand.  You're still with us so he obviously got past the broken rod. ;)

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very nice day!

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Nice fish, great pics!


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Well, now You're guiding fishing trips too......Hey Little Lady, Do you ever quit fishing  ;D


Big O


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    Hope you guys catch many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You forgot to mention the bugs!!

Night fishing is great except for the blood suckers.

Nice report Mrs. M.

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