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fishing tomorrow

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it has finally warmed up a little this week and i have nothing to do tomorrow so i figured i will go fishing. i never have much luck this time of year though so i was hoping for some help.

-the pond i am fishing has 3 water spouts that shoot water up and a small waterfall the pond is about a acre, last week it was mostly ice except for around the running water.

-it has been in the 40-50's this week and it is going to be like 55 degrees tomorrow with light rain early.

-there isn't much cover on the pond except for about 10 pipes in the middle with

some weeds in the deeper water

-most of the pond is like 7 ft. but out in the center it drops off to about 12-15ft.

-water has about a foot of visabilty

-i plan on going in the afternoon when it is warmer

so how would you fish this pond?

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Lures to fish in order:

Buzzbait to cover water quickly.

Rebel Pop-R

Bettlespin for little bass.

White spinnerbait with a little red spinner if the water is muddy.

Good luck.  And one more thing.  I have heard of bass congregating near fountains for more oxygen, so try fishing there. ;)

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Well first off, I wouldn't get your hopes up ;D  Sounds like it has a great potential to be very tough.  I would think the smartest thing to do would be work a small jig or plastic bait very slowlyyy along the drop off.

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Yeah, don't expect to much tomorrow.  But what I would do is throw a small 3-4" white grub on a jighead on light spinning tackle and work it along the bottom.

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thanks guys i ended up staying home watching fishing shows and getting my glove fixed  :-/ it rained all day and t-stormed in the afternoon.

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I live in SE Mich. and fished a small pond like the one you described on Sat.  The Pond had ice on it last week and this weeked it was in the 50's(air temp).  

Drop Shot was the key.  12" off the bottom with a small cut tail worm.  Make sure your line is tight, just tight enough to not allow any bow in the line and so your sinker doesn't move.  

The fish don't hit it...they gently suck it in and taste it.  There is sometimes a lite "tick" on the line but usually you just have to feel for weight.  

Caught a few including a 2lb.er (big for that pond)

My buddy was jerk fishing with a small white pointer.  He only caught one.  Super long pauses.  

It was nice to get out.  Good luck if you go.  Hope this helps.


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