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Trip data-under trip data, you'll record all the weather conditions and anything influencing your decisions. This is the data we collect "at the llake" so all fish info is tracked here fish by fish and transferred to "trip summary" when you get home.

in columns, left to right

fish #



gps coordinate


All weather(wind,air and water temp,sky conditions,etc)

trip summary-here you transer totals and track,numbers, lunkers,etc. (For RI I have "lunker" set at anything over 4lbs)



time frame

total fish

total weight

top 5 weight


Here you'll also add anything else you want to add from the days trip data. Be sure to leave a good area open for comments on the day. mine are usually filled with things like "spawn beginning" "great am topwater bite",etc but we also put in notes of funny things that happened or the sighting of a cool animal or an oddball thing that happened that day like catching 2 fish in 1 lure,etc. You get the point, makes for better recall of your season when you look back. Things you would have forgotten about. An author could probably write a good book based on my notes, some funny stuff.

Also, I use a column to put a hyperlink in for each day that when clicked, shows you the pics in "my pictures" that correspond to that day.

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LBH...great info. I have also did the search for past posts and gotten several other good ideas from them. I just hope I didn't bother anyone with posting the question since there are at least to other post threads with similair questions.

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Not aproblem man!  At least you TRIED to use the search option!

Let us know what you came up with when it's all said and done.

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LBH covered it pretty well, but I would also include separate fields for fish depth and lure speed.

I want instant lookback for Depth and Speed, two biggies!


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